Sunday, March 25, 2012

Early in the year of 2003, the various services and benefit functions that were part of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, or the INS, were placed under the direction of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It was then renamed the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is also now referred to as USCIS.

The USCIS is now responsible for administering all of the functions of immigration and naturalization adjudication. As well, it is responsible for establishing the policies and priorities related to immigration services.

One of the many various functions of the newly formed US Citizenship and Immigration Services, includes providing information to those who are interested in immigrating to the United States and becoming US citizens, as well as providing resources to immigrants.

The USCIS oversees and manages all of the many functions that are related to immigration, including: processing of visa petitions by immigrants; making rulings on naturalization petitions; adjudicating applications for asylum and for refugees; arbitrating procedures and rulings that are performed at the various service centers; handling all other adjudication requirements as required by the circumstances.

The department of US Citizenship and Immigration Services is comprised of approximately fifteen thousand employees. Some are employees of the United States federal government and some are independent contractors.

Roughly speaking, this large staff works out of 250 field offices and headquarters located around the globe. They serve the needs of people from all parts of the world who are interested in emigrating from their native countries to the United States.

Part of the responsibilities of the USCIS include providing resources for potential immigrants and for the various organizations that support and serve them. In the instance of immigrants, the USCIS primarily focuses their efforts on two key periods of time in an immigrant's journey.

The time when an immigrant first becomes a permanent resident and the point at which he or she is ready to formally begin the naturalization process, which will lead them toward integration into the US culture and society.

For the newly arrived immigrant, there is a vast amount of information and resources available at the official website of the department of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which can be located at USCIS. On this site, there is a comprehensive guide that can be downloaded. It provides practical immigration information designed to help new immigrants easily transition into the everyday lifestyle of the US.

This helpful guide is entitled "Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants," and it is available in eleven different languages. The guide also covers some basic US civics information which introduces the new immigrants to the United States system of government. This is information that they will need to learn to function well in their new country.

For those already in the process of naturalization, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website also offers an array of educational materials in a section titled "Civics and Citizenship Study Materials." These learning resources have been provided to assist immigrants in preparing for the US citizenship test, while also encouraging additional civic education.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Would you like to travel abroad? It is best to get help from one of the various immigration services you can find online or even in your local area. If you are interested in traveling to US, you need to read up online for the requirements before you begin filling out your paperwork. There are several forms that need to be filled out. If your move or immigration is work related, it is necessary to ensure that you have received all of the paperwork and visa that is needed to join the company.

Dual citizenship, immigration and secondary passport are important legal issues that need to be deal with someone knowledgeable about law. As these issues are country specific, the laws are always changing. As a layman, you may not be able to keep abreast of the situation, hiring a legal attorney or assistance from an immigration services is beneficial. An immigration attorney specializes in matters pertaining to dual citizenship, naturalization processes, dual passports, refugees and asylum seekers amidst other matters. They use their expertise in helping people enter in to the country of their desire or immigrate successfully.

One of the most sought after visas include H-1B that is a work visa, while the E-3 visa is acceptable for most countries. There is a fixed quota and highly competitive to qualify for it. It is also considered to be the first step to receive the green card. USA has some of the strictest laws on immigration and if you intend settling there, you do need to seek the advice of a lawyer. Most of the legislation and laws pertaining to immigrants are complicated and if you intend doing this alone, it might be detrimental to your travel plans. If you are seeking a student loan for studying in a University, they can guide you about applications, filling out the forms and other methods to help you be a candidate.

An expert immigration service or a lawyer will be able to provide you with the required legal assistance in ensuring your trip to US is memorable. They are skilled I addressing issues related to legal rights, obligations of foreigners in US and the duties associated as a temporary resident. Most of these services provide helps with immigration visas, petitions, visa waivers, citizenship issues, deportation, naturalization court proceedings and removal hearings.

There are innumerable skilled and experienced immigration services that advertise online apart from many immigration attorneys that are listed. The best aspect of hiring such a service is that they are apt at handling a partial immigration aspect or providing complete services helping you at every step. These are affordable services and you can just handle the amount of service that is needed instead of paying thousands of dollars for getting the whole process completed. Other areas of interest that are handled by immigration services include investment visas, second citizenship and diplomatic passport services.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Optimum Immigration is an immigration consultant in India which share in optimism and believe that Canada offers excellent opportunities to those who wish to become a part of its heritage.

We provide simplified solutions to individual immigrant applicants seeking to relocate to Canada. Whether you wish to lodge an application or need to explore your immigration options with our dedicated team of advisors, Optimum Immigration Services provides a range of services designed to simplify your application visa in India and maximize your chance of success.

We are confident that we will be able to assist you in finding the affordable immigration solution you are looking for. Our mission is to provide our clients with accurate and quality work at affordable rates. We want to save our clients time and money, without sacrificing accuracy, practicality, and quality. Our initial advice is free, and we charge a low flat fee with no hidden costs.

We do not charge by the hour, which makes it easy for you to budget your journey to Canada effectively. Our goals at Optimum Immigration are to provide Canada immigration Services India at an affordable price, give you massive amount of useful assistance, personalized guidance and help, so that you can achieve your goal such as Canada work permit visa.

Optimum Immigration provides simplified solutions to individuals, and serves as a foundation for continued economic growth. Canada is a land of opportunity and abounds with economic opulence, world renowned health care and retirement plans, affordable education options, safe and secure environment, and an abundance of land, clean air, and fresh water supplies.

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