Thursday, November 21, 2013

The earn $5000 a week challenge to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business
This is a series of letters written to those who are thinking about starting a home business to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business. I am going to stretch your mindset and set a earn $5000 a week challenge.
I suppose there are many businesses one can start from home. So to get right to the point I am not going to deal with all of them, although the principles applied in these letters apply to all new start up businesses.
I am going to deal with one kind of business particularly - the make money online in a work from home internet marketing business.
Firstly why am I particularly aiming at the make money online business.
The work from home internet marketing business is a huge market and it is largely untapped at the moment. 1.5 billion have the internet and to make money online is the place to be.
Many people have tried the traditional Network marketing home business where you grill your family and friends and neighbours. You knock on doors, or have home parties and have this whole face to face business concept and the need to handle rejection. The traditional Network marketing home business has served people well up to now but there have been many who have not made it because they were not willing to put in the work. The traditional Network marketing home business needs a revision and the work from home internet marketing business is there ready to lead the way. 
The beauty to make money online is that there are systems in place that were never really in place in the Network marketing home business. Systems like the sifting and sorting. The distinguishing the tire kickers from the genuinely interested people. In the work from home internet marketing business, these systems are there with auto responders to keep those who need lots of information well stocked. This also builds a trust relationship with seekers. Then those who want to start can do so immediately. So to make money online is where we are going to aim.
So anyone who is in search of a home business should strongly consider the make money online in a work from home internet marketing business 
Secondly why a earn $5000 a week challenge
Anyone who is in search of a home business needs to consider the reward they are aiming for. Why are they going to do a home business. I believe that there is a need to have a reward that makes it worth all the effort of starting a home based business.
The average earnings for people is lower than $60,000 per year and if you want to think about starting a home business which will lead to success you need to think way beyond your comfort zone. 
This will pull you through the tough times. Because lets face it there will be tough times, feelings of being overwhelmed, times of intense frustration, times of despair "will it ever work." That is the reason for the earn $5000 a week challenge. If you think too small then the reward is not worth it and you will quit. 
So lets aim at four times the average. That is how we came to the earn $5000 a week challenge.
This series of letters will inform anyone who is thinking about starting a home business on the foundations of what is necessary to take up the earn $5000 a week challenge, and what they need to know to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business.
We are going to cover the following topics:
- The battle of the mind
- Be clear on what you want.
- Testing the dream
- Putting together a strategy
The 7 days to starting a home business is going to help you make good decisions and help you get started in the earn $5000 a week challenge to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business.
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Who is Leonard Schoots?
In my one role I am an executive director in the health industry responsible for organization expansion. What I do is look for entrepreneurs who want to make money without constantly having to work for it and partner with them in business through leadership development.
In my other role I am a certified personal and business coach responsible for individual and team empowerment. What I do is facilitate a powerful process which highly improves individual and team impact and performance through mind transformation.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Innovative and technologically advanced phone systems are an essential part of any business. Prior to the development of these leading-edge phone systems, businesses had to use telephones, which lacked effective features and functions that have become critical to current business operations. With 'normal' telephones that operate over copper wires, you just have basic functions such as call waiting, caller ID, call return, and a few other simple features. With a business telephone system, you have many functions and features that can help a business improve productivity and operations.

Today's business telephone systems are much more advanced than traditional telephones. These modern phone systems have important features and functions that help improve business communications with clients and associates. Features that are available with these systems can include: fax to email, call conferencing, email to fax, voicemail, automatic call distribution, inter office paging, create call queues, call forwarding, custom-menus, auto attendant, music on hold, and much more. Once your company is working with a digital phone system, the possibilities are endless compared to traditional phone systems as new features are being introduced regularly.

When using a business telephone system, you benefit from having everything you need at your fingertips to operate an effective business communication system. All of the features are provided by the business telephone system service provider, which operate over high speed Internet or dedicated telephone networks. The service provided is very economical and is usually billed as a monthly fee. Furthermore with a digital network, your calls will be clearer and connections are quicker than traditional setups. Another key feature to having a digital network is that you can program features for any particular phone without the need for hardware. For example, you can turn certain features on or off for any one particular phone in the office, like the ability to make outgoing calls. With this digital system you retain total control over the entire network.

When a business acquires a telephone system, they benefit from having total control over their phone system. This allows you to direct incoming calls to a specific location, say the front desk or area where the receptionist works. Perhaps you don't want everyone in the company to be able to reach a certain department or individual, so again programming individual phones allows you total control over the operational phone network. Another benefit of the business telephone system is that it is a cost-effective communication system. For example, rates for outgoing calls to local and long distance locations are less expensive than normal telephones. You can even set up virtual phone numbers without acquiring the physical infrastructure.

When it comes to business operations, the reliable and technologically advanced business phone systems on the market today are critical to ensuring your organizations' operations remain productive and successful. Today, there are companies that specialize in offering business enterprises of all sizes and types telephone systems that will facilitate the needs of the company in their efforts to improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness. Most providers will even help a business with training on the new telephone systems as part of the installation service. They can train an individual or a whole team to work the new business telephone systems and ensure their clients are completely confident in using their new business telephone system.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Functional and aesthetic office premises certainly create a positive impression on the employees as well as on clients. Since you and your employees spend most of the time in the office, you need to make sure that your office is designed properly. Moreover, you will not often do major changes in the design of your office. So, it is very important to approach a reputed facility manager to design your office space.

Facility managers take charge of every aspect of the facility - construction, planning, engineering, preventive maintenance and janitorial services. Therefore, they will have a thorough knowledge of the facility design, purpose and function, which makes it easy to design the office for your business operations.

In this article, we will discuss on how a facility manager helps in designing your office.

Being experts in the field of build & design, facility managers make sure that the design of the facility is functional and that blends well with the purpose and external design of the facility. They do interior designing; space planning and workflow systems design. The most important benefit is that they design your office based on your requirements keeping total life-cycle costs of the office in mind.

When the need arises to renovate or modify your office to support new systems or work culture, it is always better to take help of professionals. Especially, in case of interiors, they will see to it that renovation results in modern, innovative design which uplifts the look as well as enhances the functionality and flexibility of the office. They also will make sure that while renovation, the HVAC, computers and other mechanical and electrical systems are upgraded with energy saving options and modern designs.

Space optimization
Space optimization is an important characteristic of a good design. It involves maximum use of the available space with least wastage. Here, an experienced facility manager can provide you the plan that reduces wastage of space, enabling you to obtain the maximum value within the available floor space. He also takes care that, in an attempt to make the most of the available space, the need for comfortable working environment is not overlooked.

Good interior design
A facility manager, while designing your interiors takes care of paint, decor, carpets, furniture, upholstery, roofing, fittings, tables, flooring, partitioning, etc., so that all these combined together make up for a pleasing environment that ensures workflow, improved productivity and a lasting impression on the clients and visitors. He will also help you out with the advices on the selection of right workstations, storage, conference room equipment, etc., that are comprehensive and effective. A facility manager can provide customized design and specifications for commercial offices, retail outlets, restaurants, individual offices, reception areas, conference rooms, executive suites, schools, etc.

Good working environment
A well-arranged, clutter-free and beautiful interior space always has a positive effect on the minds of the employees, which in turn impacts their productivity positively. An expert facility manager, designs a quality facility considering the important aspects like traffic patterns, workflow, etc.

Facility managers, with their expertise and experience, can design your office within the specified budget and as per your business needs. They also ensure that the equipment and devices chosen are economic as well as ergonomic.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A company that offers cheap domain registration is probably the first thing that one should try to find when planning to start an online business. The economic meltdown that is slowly killing many brick-and-mortar businesses has made venturing into cyberspace a logical move. After all, online businesses have been steadily growing over the past decade or so, while conventional commercial establishments have been crumbling one by one during the same period.

Internet-based businesses are far from being surefire money-making machines. Nonetheless, an e-commerce establishment has several advantages over a conventional business. First and foremost, launching an e-commerce establishment is not as complicated as starting a brick-and-mortar business. With a viable product to introduce to the market, a person can easily open an online business. There are many companies that offer to take all the trouble of building a Website for individuals. Hence, e-commerce owners need not worry about the technical aspects of launching a business into cyberspace.

The second advantage is that online businesses require only a fraction of the capital that conventional businesses may need. For instance, a typical e-commerce establishment can be started with more or less $3,000, which can already cover expenses such as domain registration, maintenance, and other overhead costs. Aspiring Internet entrepreneurs can also benefit from the proliferation of companies that offer cheap domain registration for websites. Hence, online business is not only cheap but also convenient.

Third, they can be launched without a need for an actual office or shop. Because of the mobile nature of e-commerce, owners can literally take their business anywhere they want, as long as they have the right gadgets such as laptops and other similar devices. Moreover, they can be managed remotely. As such, owners can continue working on their day jobs.

Aside from the advantages of interent business in the technical aspects, as well as in relation to capitalization, e-commerce also has a clear lead in profitability, based on current trends. This observation is based on the significant increase in the number of people who prefer online shopping over conventional shopping. Indeed, the prospects of online business are so bright that economists project the global e-commerce sector to double in value within the next five years. Currently, internet businesses in the top 20 global economies are worth more than $2 trillion.

With the improvement of the quality of Internet connection in other countries, there is no question that more and more people will rely on e-commerce for their daily consumer needs. Indeed, there has never been a better time to start an online business than now.

To recap, one needs only a viable product to start with. There is no need for a superb product. The requirement is only that the product is viable and legitimate. With the right product and sufficient capitalization, combined with a positive attitude and a sprinkling of business savvy, which includes finding the right company to provide cheap domain registration, there is no doubt that the individual is all set for a profitable online business.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Clinical trial is a research conducted in human volunteers to assess the protection and effectiveness of the investigational Drug/molecule. It helps investigators to better evaluate the effectiveness, the value of the new therapy and its side effects against various already established therapies in the market.

Different stages of Clinical Trial include the following phases-

Phase I- the researchers test a test medication or therapy in a small individual (20-80) for the first time to assess its protection, determine a safe dose range and recognize its complication.

Phase II- the test research medication or therapy is given to larger individuals (100-300) to see its efficiency and to further assess its protection.

Phase III- the test research medication or therapy is given to large groups of individuals (1,000-3,000) to validate its efficiency, observe adverse reactions, compare it to commonly used treatments, and gather details that will allow the test medication or therapy to be used securely.

Phase IV-it is generally the post marketing studies which give the more details such as the drug's threats, benefits, etc. Before coming into this test, FDA acceptance is essential.

SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) is a solid tool for confirming and analysis. Mr. Jim Goodnight released this software in the year 1976 for the statistical analysis performs. This is generally used to access the details in a different application, adjustment of the details, and removal of clinical details from various resources, analysis and selection of the details. This device is solid in working with medical details. This tool is used to perform modify assessments, cross-form modifies assessments, acceptance reviews, conclusion reviews and transfer of data files per attract requirements, company requirements and Clinical Data Inter Change Standards requirements. The present edition of SAS being used is 9.3.

Role of a SAS programmer is data analysis, validation of the evaluated data sets, data removal, modify assessments, acceptance, and distribution perform.

Clinical Data Inter Change Standards:
Clinical Data Inter Change Standards Consortium is a non-profit company utilized to develop industry requirements to support purchase, exchange, distribution and preserving of scientific test details for medical and bio pharmaceutical service.

Important models are-
i) Operational Data Model (ODM) - it helps the activity of clinical details gathered from several resources to one operational data source. The resources of the details are individual journal, etc.

ii) Analysis Data Model - it describes a standard for analysis data sets that are used to generate mathematical reviews for regulating syndication. The data set should be ready for analysis to be conducted using SAS techniques directly without any further perform on the details.

iii) Study Data Tabulation Model - it describes a conventional framework for data tabulations that are to be posted as part of an item application for a regulating power such as the FDA. The current edition being used is 3.1.1 SDTMIG.

iv) Laboratory Study Model - it works towards the growth of a conventional model for the purchase and the interchange of lab details which is the biggest component of the Clinical Trial data.

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