Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Network Marketing Industry is littered with so many experts who believe they have the greatest idea since the invention of the Internet in assisting you in building your business to the next level. While it is true that there are a lot of people you can learn from right now on how to advertise and build your business, this can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. When you start off building your business, you definitely need some assistance.
However, any newbie business person will not want to listen to 50 different people for coaching and will not want to start 20 different advertising campaigns to build their business. This may not only mean failure for them but also, this person is more than likely to quit because of frustration. I know this very well because this is what happened to me. I was listening to 5 people, reading all of their material, buying their courses and trying to build my business with 5 different marketing avenues. This was so frustrating and was such a headache that I eventually quit working on my network marketing business and all I was doing was learning the marketing industry.
Marketing is the key to building long-term residual income however, problems arises when all you do is focus on marketing alone; your network marketing business stops growing. Isn't is supposed to be the opposite? If I am doing more marketing, shouldn't my network marketing business also grow? This will only be the case when one marketing channel is proven to work. An effective business developer should not be distracted with the endless marketing channels out there. One that works at times, is more than enough.
So what do you do about all of the marketing channels available for your network marketing business? The answer is simple: Focus on one. If you focus on one channel until you are generating leads for your business then you know you have the right copy, mindset, and your marketing is working. It is important to find a person whom you connect with; and you will need to listen to everything they have to say, when finding a person to coach you in building your business. You must follow someone who has generated success in their business and listen to everything they have to say. Likewise it is also important to buy their training material and put what you learn from it into action. If you are following more than one person, you will become distracted and may get off track.
This person you are going to follow, must have the knowledge to help you build your business. Every year, look back on your situation and determine how the past year has been. By your evaluation you will have to decide if you need to change who your mentor is and make other necessary changes. The general rule I have put into place is to follow one person per year only. I decided so after I got lost and distracted by following 5 people for six months.
Don't get me wrong, I learn a lot from all these mentors, but that was all I was doing, learning and not taking the needed action. The only way you make money at building your network marketing business is to take action at the skills you are learning and by purchasing right the training material. When it comes to training material, only buy what you are going to use and put this into action right away. I created a problem for myself when I was purchased every training material there is in the market would listen to it but would do absolutely nothing with the material. After all, I was trying to take in too much information that any person can handle at any one time.
This is the most important aspect to building a network marketing business, learn from one successful person per year, choose one marketing stream until you are generating leads, and put into action what you are learning everyday and your business will grow.

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