Friday, November 2, 2012

Have you ever wonder why a lot of people hate smoker? One of the factors that make people hate smoker is the smoke produced by a smoker when he or she is smoking. Fortunately, with the development of technology, we can now smoke without producing any smoke with e cigarette. What is e cigarette and is it really free from smoke? The e cigarette or electronic cigarette is a cigarette in a more modern form. This kind of cigarette is free from smoke because there is nothing to burn in the process. In addition, this kind of cigarette does not give you the chance for you to get cancer.

When you are smoking your usual cigarette, there will be a lot of residues produced by the process. The residues created contain a lot of tar and nicotine. These substances are the factors that can trigger the development of cancer in your body. However, you are not getting any of those substances when you are smoking an electronic cigarette. Because there is no tobacco and clove to be burnt, it means that there will be no residue created. No residue created means that there will be no tar and nicotine which means that this smokeless cigarette review does not give you any chance for getting cancer.


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