Friday, May 31, 2013

It is often said that money does make the world go round. As you can presume, there are almost a gazillion people in this world who are not satisfied with the jobs that they do or the money they make. Almost everyone in today's times wants a fast buck and wants it easily. Well the solution simply is lead generation. One of the most progressive businesses, this way to make money is free of recession, market crashes and also guarantees the financial security of you and your family.

Lead generation is simple. A lead is someone who is interested in the goods or services you give out and are willing to invest in your venture. You have just got to convince these people as to why they should invest in your deal and not in your competitors. But it is not all fun when you are a lead generator. A lot of skill and patience are involved in this process and you have to play the waiting game well to garner genuine free leads. Tools that can be of help in gathering good genuine leads of course is social networking, blog sites on which you can post the profile of the work that you do and the kind of people that you are looking for and so on.

Lastly, lead generation is extremely inter personal. So make sure that at all times, you make your client feel special about the fact that he is doing business with you. It is vital.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

All predictions for the U.S. housing market have been positive for the year ahead, building on the recovery in 2012, so why worry about wholesaling in a down market in 2013?

Few doubt that we will have a stellar year for housing in 2013. A few markets may not have hit bottom yet, but around 80% of major U.S. metros saw dramatic improvements in 2012 and this is expected to continue in the New Year.

Housing prices and values have been heading up, inventory down, marketing times have been slashed and more than $1 trillion has been added to home equity in the last 12 months. Many have even forecast home prices to rise another 10-20% in 2013, making it an incredible year for real estate investing.

However, the height the real estate rebound will hit in the next year will certainly be somewhat dependent on the broader economy. This is where the real threat lays and why real estate investors still need to be prepared for wholesaling in a down market, at least in some areas.

The fiscal cliff, although certainly over-hyped in the media brings many threats from budget cuts to higher unemployment and higher taxes which could crush spending, economic growth and see a significant amount of flight capital and talent in the air, even if only inter-state and not out of the U.S.

The revelation that 2012 holiday sales reverted back to the depths of 2008 is a sobering sign that not all is well, and at least that Americans are being much more cautious about their spending. Another tough financial year for America will certainly have an impact on the housing market. This doesn't necessarily mean preparing for wholesaling in a down market all over the country but it does mean being ready for it in select markets and in some cases not the markets investors are expecting.

On the bright side there will certainly be more distressed properties and foreclosures available for flipping than even the world's richest billionaire Carlos Slim could take on by himself. There are literally still hundreds of billions in non-performing loans in the pipeline which will make great deals for investors over the next 12 months.

Even in the hardest hit areas where home values continue to decline there will be great profits for wholesaling in a down market providing investors know how to market themselves and insist on sufficient spreads.

However, most important is anticipating what trends will be seen in shifting demand for types of housing and the areas which are most in demand.

Technology will have a much larger influence than most imagine and a tough retail year will spur innovation and adoption of tech faster to cope with it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

As I mentioned in the past, if you want to develop a residual income and build your home based business, you need to focus on people that are looking for us.

On average, out of 100 people 3 or 4 will be looking. Which ones? Well, we don't know but if we earn a persons respect and paint the right word pictures during our follow-up calls we stand a very good chance to find out and enroll a few in our home based business. Over 3 months those numbers increase to 6 or 7 people. Much depends on the quality of prospects in our contact base and how much we can earn their respect. By sifting through the numbers and looking for people that fit into our general pattern of like-minded our success rate increases. 9s and 10s and 7s and 8s are our first two priorities. This will give you a better chance of developing a solid residual income for the long term.

What is it that we look for in a quality prospect for our home based business?

There are no absolutes but in general, people that are both nice, sharp, motivated and who want to build a residual income. People that are rude or arrogant don't do well in the peoples business unless they change. People must be able to communicate well in some fashion and enjoy it. Common sense stuff - right! We like to say we are looking for like-minded people that will be attracted to the culture at our home based business team.

If you think it through you can see why our own acquaintance base is the most effective area to learn our trade in the beginning in our home based business. We know which ones are like-minded, perhaps a bit about their ambitions and we already have a certain amount of respect or at least familiarity with them. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people successful today that were merely casual acquaintances of their enroller. People that they had barely known, friends of friends, service people, etc. Reading various company magazines, you will also find tons of people that were actually very well known by their enroller, friends and family. These are the facts even though many people will tell you otherwise in network marketing. It's all there to verify.

Now whether we are phoning our own contact base, leads or cold calling some fellow networkers there are a few things that must be in place to be effective in building your home based business. Our belief in the company, products, system and team as well is in ourselves if you want to create a residual income. This is why I share about Acquiring Knowledge all the time, reading, listening, and watching everything we can to build our enthusiasm about what we are doing. Being a product of the product is an absolute. We need to be excited about their benefits. Knowing how great the opportunity is and the quality of our management team. Understanding the success that our system has enjoyed in helping people achieve their residual income or what I like to call a freedom income. All of this knowledge helps us to have more belief in ourselves. It gives us confidence and builds the secret ingredient of enthusiasm in a home based business.

To acquire enough knowledge is an investment of time and there are no shortcuts but it is all laid out for us by priority in the system so we don't get paralysis by analysis.

Then it's time to make appointments and presentations. We don't have to do these things alone in the beginning as we are a team and are inter-dependent on each other. The secret to remember here is we are not trying to motivate or sell as much as we must learn how to inspire people. When we are truly confident and empowered by the products and the team it makes it so much easier to convey the right message and word pictures. Knowing all the details about the company, structure, industry etc takes time and is necessary but being enthusiastic about the products and the team will create interest in building a residual income in your home based business.

Everybody is looking to be part of a dynamic team and understands that it can make a huge difference. Those two beliefs, in the products and team, can begin to build an outstanding business! Believing in the team takes it away from us as individuals, especially with our own contacts. People we know already have their opinions formed about our business ability etc., but if we learn to edify the team structure those folks will have a much more open mind to having a look at the big picture.

It's absolutely the same when calling leads or cold contacting fellow networkers. The team is an intangible that when shared with the right word pictures and enthusiasm creates interest based on hope of developing that long term residual income. "Perhaps they do have something special"

Do you wish to be part of a vibrant and helpful team or do you wish to build it alone?

So learn to tell your story about the products and our team. Write them down and practice them. Add that to the suggested scripts from team and company. You will then have word pictures that build interest and show them how to create a long term residual income in their very own home based business. Skill comes from doing, applying the knowledge daily. If we must approach our first 50-100 people to get proficient at it then we best get about the task. If your WHY is big enough and you truly are "Sufficiently Disturbed" by the status quo then the rejection we all must go through to become good at what we do will be that much easier.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

When it comes to hosting international meetings, the United Kingdom boasts an array of practical conference venues with easy access and superb facilities. From contemporary, purpose built conference centres in the biggest cities, to rebuilt old mansions in the countryside, the UK offers opportunities for occasions of all sizes and requirements.

General Considerations

It's of vital importance that your venue is easily accessible for all attendees both local and travelling from abroad. There should be an international airport within short commuting distance, and a train or bus station for local delegates. It's best to arrange a pick up service as part of the conference package so people don't have to rely on public transport in a place they're unfamiliar with.

Make sure the nearest airport is served by more than just low cost airlines as these may be deemed inappropriate for business travel by some.

Smaller Cities & Towns

Scotland's former capital is home to Stirling University that is set at the foot of the Ochil Hills and overlooks the famous Wallace Monument. The university offers competitive rates for gatherings held both in its academic facilities and Management Centre with specialised meeting spaces. Accommodation can also be arranged.

There are numerous other university towns dotted throughout the country that offer similar services. Consider Sunderland, Durham, Chester, Swansea, Plymouth and more.


Some of the most stunning venues are located in countryside areas but are easily accessible by motorway, or rail in some cases. There is an array of old stately homes dotted throughout North East England, such as Rockliffe Hall in Darlington. South England also boasts quite a few.

Further north you'll find destinations such as Gleneagles where delegates can indulge in a round of golf in their spare time, and the Macdonald Highland Resort in Aviemore.
Wales also boasts its fair share of manor houses turned hotels or conference centres.

Some of these venues offer spa facilities on the spot that can be great for unwinding after a busy day's work.

Big Cities

Most of the UK's big cities are home to at least one specialised events and conference centre. For example, in Edinburgh the Edinburgh International Conference Centre plays host to regular meetings, and Bristol Conference Centre caters for similar occasions further south.

Alternatively, hotels are a great choice. All major cities are home to both independent and chain properties that can cater towards very large groups if booked in advance.

Consider a Birmingham city hotel or accommodation in Cardiff.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A common set of misconceptions among people writing a business plan for the first time is that it has to cover everything, that it has to be perfect and that is going to be read cover to cover. None of these ideas is actually true.

An experienced entrepreneur knows that most original plans turn into something else once they actually are put into action and also that most of what is initially put into the plan turns out not to be the case. It makes sense therefore to only spend the time to put in the essentials in the plan a create a simple business plan instead of an encyclopedia full of information that will never be read.

The benefits of keeping the business plan simple are many - you can write it much faster, you can revise it more quickly and you don't waste a lot of time creating information that doesn't get used.

Of course in order to be effective a business plan has to be complete enough to address the basics of starting the business and that includes demonstrating the value of the solution the business will provide and how many people have that particular problem and how many of them are out there. The plan should also give some details on how the market being addressed will be reached so that they can then decide to purchase this solution.

All in all, a short, simple plan without a lot of fancy prose or long winded explanations is not only going to prove more effective it also stands a lot better chance of being read. Very few investors or bankers have the time or inters tot sit down and read a fifty page plan but they may very well at least skim through a ten page plan written in a straightforward style that gets right to the point.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

In the world of Internet Marketing, there are literally thousands of website hosting companies to choose from. Each hosting package offers something a little different than the other. Depending on your needs, finding the perfect hosting package for you can be hard at times. Below are tips for finding the cheapest hosting and still maintaining a great level of quality.

1. Determine how much website hosting you will need - Do you need hosting for 1, 5, 10, or hundreds of mini-sites? Of those websites, how large are they going to be? These are really important questions to ask yourself when you decide to purchase website hosting. On one hand, purchasing shared hosting for just 1-2 websites may serve your website injustice as shared hosting can sometimes be on the not-so-good side. On the other hand, if you have 10+ websites, paying $5 a month for each may get very expensive, especially as your number of websites grow! Be sure to only purchase what is right for you.

2. A wise Internet Marketer never puts all his or her eggs in one basket. Diversify your hosting, even if it between two hosting companies. Putting all your websites through one hosting plan isn't going to help you decide if it is right for you. Split-test, and if one of the hosting companies should fail you, then you have immediate back-up. NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. This is also an "age-old" SEO method for inter-linking of your own websites.

3. Cheaper is not always better... and More expensive doesn't always mean "high quality". Keep this in mind and read reviews online. Carefully decide how much you want to spend in comparison to the quality of hosting you want. You don't need hundreds of gigs of server space for a little "content website".

4. Bundle! Sometimes you can find Internet Marketing communities that, as part of their subscription, offer FREE website hosting! This is a great way to bundle and save. This way you can get free software, articles, tools, e-books and more... then to top it off with Free website hosting makes the deal about as sweet as it can get. This is probably the best method to go for Internet Marketers who need tons of hosting space and a little something extra.

5. Look for cheap web hosting reviews online. Find out what others think about a certain hosting package. Believe it that people are not shy when it comes to bad service. If a hosting company has ever displeased someone, you'll definitely hear about it online.

6. Have a question? Contact their support! By doing this, it shows the responsiveness of their customer support. If they take two days to get back to you, then you probably don't want to use their service. If they rapidly and clearly handle all of your website hosting question, then you know what you can expect from the rest of their service. This is a great method to test the quality of their service.

7. Judge the ease-of-use of their own website. Is it easy to navigate? Does the website have testimonials from other clients? Can you find any cheap website hosting reviews on the particular company you are looking in to? Do some thorough investigation of clues that may indicate their commitment to quality.

These general rules can help you get the most perfect and cheapest website hosting available. Do your homework, do your research and you really can't go wrong. When it comes down to it, it's all a matter of your specific needs as an Internet Marketer or Business website owner.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eleven Million Immigrants are Ready to Pay Part of the United States Debt -By Signing a Binding Contract with American Conditions

A Framework to Fix a Broken System

How many "illegal" (the term for one side of the debate) or "undocumented" (the preferred term by the other side) immigrants are there in America? The Department of Homeland Security indicated about 10.8 million in 2009. So for the purpose of this proposed contract and article, we are going to say, "the 11 Million Immigrants" (11M), and this essential issue should be resolved with the American Citizens (AC) and not with any Democrat or Republican party.

Are these 11M individuals paying taxes? The answer is probably unclear; however, if the 11M hope to be legalized to make their dream come true in this country, they should stop those ridiculous protests on the streets, alienating more Americans, and then talk directly to the American Citizens before it is too late to find a solution. If the AC are fed up with the current broken system and the incompetence of the government, they should decide this issue and not the government. This sounds like utopia, but I may have found a way to appease the majority in this country: A win-win solution.

The 11M are on a path (trapped) to lose their battle with their main party: the American Citizens. The 11M must convince the AC that, although they may have broken the law by the way they entered this country, they have something fundamental that AC need: They have the power to pay the American debt.

However, the two main American parties are using the subject of immigration to revitalize their bases to prepare for the elections in November of this year, as they need the votes for their self-preservation as well as for their parties to continue in power. This is American politics, and this is better than one-party rule, or multiple parties confusing everybody without principles or philosophy. Yet with the immigration issue, nothing is going to be seriously done this year. Let me tell you why.

About sixty percent (according to CNN) of Americans seem to be against immigration reform with citizenship and ask the government to enforce our current laws, while thirty-three percent (according to CNN) are in favor and ask the government to fix a broken system. Why is this about the AC and not Congress taking up immigration reform? Because it is likely the current congress will not approve legislation with a clear path to citizenship a few months before the elections just to be unseated by the popular backlash against the reform. Nevertheless, the subject is just as important as agitating the bases to protest either in favor of or against immigration reform.

I have heard for decades, over and over, politicians saying we need border security. The government in fact has increased the budget and added more agents and more technology, but the problem continues. On the other side, I have heard politicians saying over and over that undocumented immigrants are doing jobs that Americans don't want to do, and we need a common-sense approach. It is about energizing constituents to vote in each election by replaying the same movie.

And the worst of the worst: politicians are playing the racial card on both sides of the spectrum to make this issue a confrontation between Hispanic and non-Hispanic Americans even though the 11M are not all Hispanics. It is probably true that there are those who hate Latino communities, but this is a very small minority; we cannot assume that all 60% are racist. As we all know, most of the people in this country are not native-American, and they are descended from immigrants as they are now first-, second-, third- or fourth-generation Americans. And these American Citizens have created what almost all of us believe in and feel: American Exceptionalism and the love for our country.

Most of the 60% of AC have concerns that are potential deal breakers. And these are the facts that are increasingly getting them fed up with the system:

-Most of the 60% are concerned that new laws will give more collective rights to government benefits (such as welfare, grants, financial aid, Social Security, Medicaid, etc.) while we have the worst fiscal deficit ever in America. They also fear that new laws will permit illegal immigrants to compete with Americans for jobs at lower wages. Another primary concern of some politicians and others is if the 11M become American citizens and have a tendency to be liberal, this country will become a progressive country (moving to the left) like Europe on the path to becoming a Greece.

-Towns across America struggle to balance their budgets with a great part of their residents (11M) contributing very little or almost nothing to this country.

-Individuals use our public schools while some (11M) or their parents contribute virtually no property tax dollars to our system. (A great amount of property taxes in America is for education.)

-Police provide services to everybody that lives in this country while the 11M contribute zero dollars to support the police department.

-Individuals commit crimes and overburden the prison system despite the fact they broke the law by entering this country illegally. (Let's be clear that these individuals must not be here, and they are not part of this proposed contract as they are a small minority.)

-Individuals use healthcare at the emergency rooms contributing zero dollars to this service.

-Courts provide rights to individuals contributing zero dollars.

-Individuals use public places such as parks, roads, etc. contributing nothing to our system.

All of the above perhaps does not apply to all of the 11M as some are fully in compliance with their taxes.
Most of the 33% of the Americans who support immigration reform have legitimate concerns about how to legalize the 11M or enforce the current law:

-Most of the 33% want a path to citizenship because we can't indefinitely sustain a subclass in America. These immigrants, like others in the past, will evolve to become part of the American culture.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Internet business is a domain that relies on website creation and management, in which web development is indispensable. Specialized companies offer their web solutions consisting of web design and SEO services. Web development is a very broad term used to describe all the work involved in transforming a simple, static page into a complex one filled with applications, social networking features and so on. Client liaison is one important aspect, too. Web-based businesses are the ones to benefit the most. While small companies may work with a single webmaster to control these aspects, larger ones are usually in need of an extensive team of experts.

The Internet is the place which joins together customers and professionals or providers. These become inter-dependent in the online environment. Any kind of professionals should be interested to become visible online, to gain better exposure, since more and more people have been resorting to the internet whenever in need of information. Therefore, no matter the area in which you profess or how you provide your services, it is of great importance to create an effective online presence for yourself/ your brand/ your company. We say effective because the competition has reached sky-high levels, and for this you need to learn the strategies and use the tools that push you up the ladder.

Web development refers to logo and banner creation and web design - elements of visual appeal and branding - but also to PHP development and content management. To inform your readers in a professional manner and boost the attractiveness, one has to learn how to use popular platforms for content management like Joomla, WordPress, Zencart, Drupal, Magento and many more of the kind.

Another basic way to achieve success in Internet marketing is to apply the strategies of search engine optimization or SEO. These represent a set of rules that can change with any modification within search engine algorithms. SEO professionals know how to identify and place keywords, how to edit the meta data of your website and make search engines place you high in their results sheets. This means better visibility and reaching for exactly those clients that you need. Users give little time to searches. They insert keywords for what they are looking for and only pay attention to the first results on page. Thus, you have to rank high to reach your prospects. Also, there has to be a perfect match between your content and the search query, to not cause disappointment on either side. This is where SEO professionals will help you. A higher amount of traffic to your pages means more profit.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There are many people who are interested in immigrating to Canada as this is one country that offers tremendous opportunities and options to explore for new immigrants. People prefer immigration to Canada than other country as it has higher job opportunities for immigrants. In fact, the majority of people come here to work, to start a new life. Plus, this is one country where you will find relatively low degree of racism and discrimination in the society, as people living here are very open minded and they are ready to welcome people from other countries. Most of the privileges extended to Canadian citizens are enjoyed by immigrants. Immigrating to Canada permanently is an exciting opportunity.

Immigration to Canada has a lot of benefits and the Canadian Government encourages it as helps in economic growth and creates cultural diversity and understanding of different nations. After immigration to Canada one gets the right to live and work anywhere in the country. One can think for immigration to Canada along with their other family members, including children.

Immigration to Canada is lengthy process and there are lots of paper works to handle. The easiest way to apply for immigration to Canada is by contacting an immigration Consultant. In Canada, there are many good immigration lawyers who can help you out with visas, work permit, refugee claim and lots more. Immigration lawyers give immigration advice and help to visa applicants, usually for a fee. However, hiring an immigration lawyer is up to you as it is nothing like your application will be given special attention or it will be done faster.

However, there are several things you should consider before hiring an immigration lawyer.

Look for an immigration Consultant recommended by people you trust. In fact, talk to at least two to three potential advisers before selecting one.

Inquire about the training and experience the immigration lawyers have and the areas they expertise.

Hire an immigration Consultant who is a professionally certified licensed member of the 'Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants'.

Collect information about the services they provide and their fee structure. Get this information in writing.

Avoid hiring immigration lawyers who refuses to answer your questions or are not giving satisfactory answers.

Read the written contract carefully before you sign it. The contract must have all the promised services listed properly and even the fee structure must be clearly set out.

Never leave your original documents required for immigration to Canada with the immigration lawyer.

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