Monday, May 20, 2013

As I mentioned in the past, if you want to develop a residual income and build your home based business, you need to focus on people that are looking for us.

On average, out of 100 people 3 or 4 will be looking. Which ones? Well, we don't know but if we earn a persons respect and paint the right word pictures during our follow-up calls we stand a very good chance to find out and enroll a few in our home based business. Over 3 months those numbers increase to 6 or 7 people. Much depends on the quality of prospects in our contact base and how much we can earn their respect. By sifting through the numbers and looking for people that fit into our general pattern of like-minded our success rate increases. 9s and 10s and 7s and 8s are our first two priorities. This will give you a better chance of developing a solid residual income for the long term.

What is it that we look for in a quality prospect for our home based business?

There are no absolutes but in general, people that are both nice, sharp, motivated and who want to build a residual income. People that are rude or arrogant don't do well in the peoples business unless they change. People must be able to communicate well in some fashion and enjoy it. Common sense stuff - right! We like to say we are looking for like-minded people that will be attracted to the culture at our home based business team.

If you think it through you can see why our own acquaintance base is the most effective area to learn our trade in the beginning in our home based business. We know which ones are like-minded, perhaps a bit about their ambitions and we already have a certain amount of respect or at least familiarity with them. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people successful today that were merely casual acquaintances of their enroller. People that they had barely known, friends of friends, service people, etc. Reading various company magazines, you will also find tons of people that were actually very well known by their enroller, friends and family. These are the facts even though many people will tell you otherwise in network marketing. It's all there to verify.

Now whether we are phoning our own contact base, leads or cold calling some fellow networkers there are a few things that must be in place to be effective in building your home based business. Our belief in the company, products, system and team as well is in ourselves if you want to create a residual income. This is why I share about Acquiring Knowledge all the time, reading, listening, and watching everything we can to build our enthusiasm about what we are doing. Being a product of the product is an absolute. We need to be excited about their benefits. Knowing how great the opportunity is and the quality of our management team. Understanding the success that our system has enjoyed in helping people achieve their residual income or what I like to call a freedom income. All of this knowledge helps us to have more belief in ourselves. It gives us confidence and builds the secret ingredient of enthusiasm in a home based business.

To acquire enough knowledge is an investment of time and there are no shortcuts but it is all laid out for us by priority in the system so we don't get paralysis by analysis.

Then it's time to make appointments and presentations. We don't have to do these things alone in the beginning as we are a team and are inter-dependent on each other. The secret to remember here is we are not trying to motivate or sell as much as we must learn how to inspire people. When we are truly confident and empowered by the products and the team it makes it so much easier to convey the right message and word pictures. Knowing all the details about the company, structure, industry etc takes time and is necessary but being enthusiastic about the products and the team will create interest in building a residual income in your home based business.

Everybody is looking to be part of a dynamic team and understands that it can make a huge difference. Those two beliefs, in the products and team, can begin to build an outstanding business! Believing in the team takes it away from us as individuals, especially with our own contacts. People we know already have their opinions formed about our business ability etc., but if we learn to edify the team structure those folks will have a much more open mind to having a look at the big picture.

It's absolutely the same when calling leads or cold contacting fellow networkers. The team is an intangible that when shared with the right word pictures and enthusiasm creates interest based on hope of developing that long term residual income. "Perhaps they do have something special"

Do you wish to be part of a vibrant and helpful team or do you wish to build it alone?

So learn to tell your story about the products and our team. Write them down and practice them. Add that to the suggested scripts from team and company. You will then have word pictures that build interest and show them how to create a long term residual income in their very own home based business. Skill comes from doing, applying the knowledge daily. If we must approach our first 50-100 people to get proficient at it then we best get about the task. If your WHY is big enough and you truly are "Sufficiently Disturbed" by the status quo then the rejection we all must go through to become good at what we do will be that much easier.


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