Monday, October 29, 2012

Look up a progressive and in touch promotional products website and you will no doubt see a special category for conferences. Conferences don't make up the majority of annual hours for a business, but the time they do make up is significant to the direction a business wants to take, as well as the image it wishes to continue to maintain. Make no mistake, conferences are a key component to how a business organizes itself and where a business chooses to take its existing legacy.

For this reason, sellers of promotional products have developed items and resources specifically for the conference. There are items and resources that can benefit your next conference. There are items and resources that can communicate to those attending your conference that your business represents a certain amount of professionalism and cares about your perception of it.

The conference is the occasion a business gets to be on show for its employees as well as Very Important Visitors. That's why a new high standard of merchandise has been designed for those conscious of promoting the image of their business. Special pens are designed just for conferences now. Gift bags full of shirts, key rings and lanyards are handed out to those attending conferences, as a very welcome gesture of good will and respect. There can never be enough of these two virtues in business.

Perhaps some of the most popular and fashionable items at conferences these days are Conference Satchels. Conference satchels belong to an impressive category of high quality items specifically designed for use in conferences. Bring one of these products to your next conference and let your conference colleagues see how focused and serious you are about presenting a confident image.

Nothing projects style and confidence better than quality stylish merchandise,and satchels are a part of a formidable array of products that include:

  • The Sprinter Courier

  • The Reporter Briefcase

  • The Document Bag

  • The Wired Accessories Bag

  • The Wired Laptop Courier

  • The Signature Saddle Bag

  • The Economy Satchel

  • The E-Que Economy Satchel

  • The Seminar Bag

  • The Civic Satchel

  • The Weekender Satchel

  • The Signature Flap Satchel

  • The Platform Flap Satchel

  • The Platform Folio

  • The Platform Conference Satchel

  • The Concourse Conference Bag

  • The Platform Vertical Satchel

  • The Platform Front Flap Courier

  • and The Stripe Satchel

Here is a range of stylish quality items just for the contingency of conferences.

This is how much importance promotional product businesses place on the conference as a part of the overall management of the day to day business life. Just look at the range. Look at the quality. Going to a conference isn't just putting some files under your arm anymore, and hoping your stationary doesn't drop.

If you really want to succeed in network marketing, if you really want to sell your company's products and recruit others into your business, then it is imperative that you take an enormous amount of pride in your network marketing business.

This industry is so unique when compared to traditional businesses, but there is one definite similarity. You have to believe in your company, its products and its business model and take pride in the fact that you represent them if you are going to progress in this industry. It doesn't matter what company you are a distributor with and what their past reputation has been. It is your job to bring new positive energy to whatever company you are partnered with and allow customers and prospects to see the bright side of not only your MLM company, but of the network marketing industry as a whole.

Let me give you an example. Perhaps you are an Amway independent business owner (IBO) currently trying to build your business, either online, offline or both. Obviously, Amway, more than probably any other network marketing company, has been on the receiving end of heavy criticism for decades. Most people have heard of this company, and many have a negative impression of it for one reason or another. Advertising campaigns and sponsorships have helped to improve their image, but you as a distributor still have to deal with the negative stigma that is still attached to the company. How do you handle the objections and negativity that is sure to come with a veteran MLM company like this one?

You have to present it in a new light, much like the Amway corporation is trying to do themselves. You have to put your own positive spin on the company, their products and their business plan. You need to take pride in the fact that you are representing a quality company with excellent products and a business opportunity that enables you to make residual income, just like so many other network marketing companies. Don't let the naysayers get you down. This is your business. Treat it as such.

Would a McDonald's or Subway owner not tell people what company they operate, or be ashamed of their business? Would a real estate agent try to hide their affiliation with the real estate company that allows them to pay their bills? Of course not. But you might be saying: "well that's different, this industry is filled with fraud and corruption." And what industry do you know of isn't filled with fraud and corruption? Seriously, there are scams everywhere these days, especially online, and the network marketing industry is no different. But then you might say that we're different because we have to deal with pyramid claims and illegal business practices. That's true, but if you just explain that any business where a product is sold and new distributors have the ability to make more than those that started before them has to be legitimate, the pyramid objection goes away pretty fast. There is no denying the validity of the MLM business model anymore in the 21st century. That right there should be enough ammo for you to take your business seriously and be proud of it.

And then you might be on the other end of the spectrum by representing a start-up company or relatively new, unknown company. You are more likely to be on the receiving end of criticism from the online crowd with this type of opportunity. People will want to know is this going to last, and more importantly, is it a legitimate business? You've got to have confidence not only in your company but in yourself so that you can promote your opportunity and products effectively. Maybe your company won't be around in three years, maybe it will. Either way, you've got to take pride in it today and promote it like it's your lifeblood, because financially, it is. It could set you on the path towards financial independence, even if the company itself doesn't last more than a few years.

These issues of pride and confidence are especially important when it comes to companies that have physical, consumable products, such as Amway, Immunotec and Herbalife. You need to experience the product yourself in order to be a true evangelist for it. People will sense your genuine review of your products and opportunity, and they will be much more likely to join you or buy from you. You can add enthusiasm and a true love for your company and their products to the attributes of pride and confidence when talking about the right mix to being a successful network marketer in this day and age.

There are so many people that hide behind alternate business names and other aliases so that people don't know which company they are with and even what industry they are in. I'm not talking about branding yourself and creating You INC., because that is indeed important, especially on the Internet. But I think you know what I mean. Using Amway as an example again, there are many IBO's, mostly in the offline world, who use deceitful practices and different company names to lure prospects to that next home meeting, mostly because they are ashamed of their network marketing company. They use terms like "revenue sharing" and "affiliate marketing" to hide the fact that they are in a multi level marketing business. I don't want to just pick on Amway. Many other companies' distributors do this too. Heck, many of us even do this in the online world. We aren't upfront with which company we're in and some of us will go so far as to say "this is not MLM," when it shortly becomes clear that what their promoting definitely is MLM. Why all of the cover-ups? Why all the deceitful practices? Is it just a strategy to get people intrigued so that they might sign up, or is there something deeper going on?

I think there is more to it. People are ashamed of this business, they're ashamed of their company and their ashamed of their marketing methods. So they use different terminology and unethical practices to try to entice prospects. I'm saying it's time for a change in this industry. It's time for people to start acting like they own their business and they are proud of their MLM company and its products. It's time for honest and upfront advertising that doesn't pull a 180 on people after they register. It's time to tell the truth, right from the start.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In order for any online business owner to get massive traffic and exposure to his/her business you need to use effective internet marketing business ideas, most importantly the best platforms. Here are the top 3 platforms for any online business owner to follow to get a higher ranking and to make their online business successful.

1- Article Marketing: Article writing is a very effective online marketing tactic to use to increase the traffic to your website. Once you master how to effectively use keywords in your articles your writing can become very successful. The use of keywords and keyword research is what can make or break your articles. Finding a viable internet marketing and mentoring program that will help you with this keyword research is very important.

2- Video Marketing: Video Marketing is yet another great online internet marketing strategy to use for your online business. Using online marketing sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, and Viddler is a great way to promote your service and/or products. Again, making sure that you have your keywords done correctly will get you ranked high on the search engines.

3- Blogs: Blogs is another of the top 3 platforms for any online business owner to use to get mass exposure. More importantly by combining the top 2 business ideas, article marketing and video marketing in your blog, will create backlinks and quality content to this platform so that you can get ranked higher in search engines to be found and find success.

By realizing the importance of effective internet marketing and learning the top 3 platforms will help you on your way for becoming a successful online business owner. So find the internet marketing and mentoring program that will train you on how to learn the use of keywords, keyword research and how to optimize these platforms. If you do not have the proper training and support, then you will not master these business ideas and there will be no success for your business online.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ProcureCon hosts conferences via the following regions: Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, North America, as well as virtual online webinars. The ProcureCon conferences invite top senior executives from global Fortune companies to discuss opportunities to enhance global procurement capabilities and procurement cost effectiveness. The 2012 issues to be discussed involve using current analysis to move procurement beyond cost cutting to strategic initiatives and how to encourage innovation in the supplier base. Shared challenges across global industries are shared and through informal processes which are discussed usually in 3 day benchmarking sessions.

Other topics outlined in a ProcureCon procurement building conference, include the viability of outsourcing; managing risk advantages; achieving set objectives in integrating sustainable procurement; globalization procurement complexities and how to receive value-added-services from suppliers. ProcureCon is a supply chain conference which also aides in keeping shared procurement topics focused in an ever-changing global climate.

By bringing together leading procurement managers, ProcureCon becomes a driving force of supply continuity, investment interests, and discussions on working capital for R&D. Procurement industry executives discuss the current global issues to help strengthen the areas of analysis, research and cost effectiveness. Keeping costs from spiraling out of control is the goal of procurement arrangements, because money spent unnecessarily constitutes lost profits. The Procurement process requires a few steps to achieve success and the first active direction is seeking out the right suppliers for a company's product and services and establishing a trustworthy relationship.

Negotiation is then a follow-up to contract talks about price, shipment, delivery schedules and payment terms. Delivery, consumption rates and possible renewal discussions are the final steps to a successful procurement system. Challenging procurement laws and regulations are also discussed, formally and informally, at a ProcureCon supply chain conference. In the United States, even federal and state regulations differ slightly, but are in consensus under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

FAR encourages a proposal or RFD meeting between potential vendors and procurement officials to exchange vital information for the government's regulatory satisfaction. Communication involves public hearings, marketing research, request for information notices and site visits. Combining the United States regulations with its global counterparts is what ProcureCon supply chain conferences hopes to achieve. The European Commission this year issued new regulations for non-European countries to help make the procurement field more level.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Over the last 4 years leading up to the 2008 presidential election, the "immigration debate" has been increasing in volume almost exponentially. The attempts by congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform have failed despite fervent bipartisan efforts to address this very controversial yet important issue. However, under tremendous political pressure, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced new efforts to enforce existing immigration laws and state and local governments are passing new legislation that goes far beyond existing federal legislation. These new developments are putting intense and unprecedented pressure on employers whose livelihood depends on immigrant labor.

DHS intensifies workplace enforcement

Last August, The bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is the enforcement agency, of the DHS published a new mandate requiring employers receiving "No-Match" letters from the Social Security Administration (SSA) to audit their I-9 records to confirm Social Security Number mismatches or note any discrepancies, and report back to the agency. The new rule also requires the employer to terminate employees who have been unable to resolve SSN mismatches within 90 days of receipt of the letter.

Though immediate implementation of these new directives has been delayed in the district courts due to questions surrounding "safe harbor" provisions for employers, the ICE remains resilient. According to Mary E. Previc, an attorney with the Keller and Heckman law firm in Washington D.C., The ICE is embarking on a "new campaign" of I-9 Inspections nationwide. Employers suspected of hiring undocumented workers are being issued a subpoena to produce an unprecedented amount of information including: entire payroll records, certified lists of employees and their employment records, and names of all I-9 preparers.

In addition to these new measures, DHS has increased its civil penalties an average of 25%. Effective March 27th Minimum penalties for non-compliance start at $375 per infraction. If convicted of knowingly or intentionally hiring undocumented aliens, employers on their first offence can be fined up to $3,200 dollars per illegal worker. For repeated violations, as much as $16,000 per incident can be assessed along with a 10-year prison sentence.

States filling the void on immigration reform

Because of the federal government's inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform, several states have recently passed legislation that requires employers to verity an employee's work eligibility electronically, through a federally administered computer program called E-verify. In a landmark case, a federal judge upheld a new law in Arizona which not only makes electronic verification mandatory for all employers, it also gives the state the authority to revoke a company's business license if found to have knowingly hired an illegal immigrant.

Under current federal law, employers are responsible for manually examining documents that prove both work eligibility and identity and document that information accurately on an I-9 form. However, participation in E-verify program is not mandatory. According to a recent report commissioned by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service, "the data base used for verification is still not sufficiently up to date to meet the requirement for accurate verification, especially for naturalized citizens."

Despite of the inadequacy of this system, the judge's decision in the Arizona case has now set a precedent which will significantly embolden other states to pass similar legislation. Bonnie Gibson, an attorney with Littler Global, a law firm based in Phoenix remarked that, "it is likely that up to half of the states will follow Arizona's lead and will do it in this legislative session."

Employers find themselves in a difficult position

Employers in industries such as construction, facilities management, and agriculture who depend greatly on the availability of the immigrant workforce find themselves "caught between a rock and a hard place". Many small businesses just can't afford to turn away immigrants, who are often the only ones able and willing to fill manual labor positions.

I participated in the E-verify program when I was a hiring manager in the Poultry industry. Despite paying prevailing wages, offering excellent benefits, and intensive recruiting efforts extending to a 60-mile radius, we would only seem attract Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants. I found very few US citizens who were willing to work in poultry processing.

About 90% of the workers I hired and processed through the verification system received a "tentative non-confirmation" notification which states that the system was unable to verify their work authorization or their SSN. By law I had to hold their position for 10 days to allow them time to correct any discrepancy. While most individuals receiving these letters never returned, about 15% appeared to have legitimate authorization but their name differed slightly on the "list A" and "list B" documents they presented. I have seen several cases were an issuing authority such as SSA had juxtaposed Hispanic surnames which triggered the non-confirmation. In other cases I have seen eligible employees adversely affected by this program because their information had not been updated in the database.

To keep the plant from grinding to a halt had to rely on two different temp agencies and bus workers participating in welfare-to-work programs in from a city 60 miles away.

As part of a large corporation, we participated in the E-Verify system out of "good faith" but the administrative burdens that resulted were excessive. If we had been an independent small business and were required by law to participate in the system in its present form, we would not have survived.

If more states continue to pass legislation requiring employers to participate in the federal E-verify program, a program which the government admits is inadequate, it will make it virtually to impossible for small business in key sectors of the economy to survive. Tighter enforcement in the workplace will backfire unless it is counterbalanced by an increase in the supply of legal workers to meet the demand. Since only the Federal government has the power to "increase" the supply, local governments, no matter how well-intentioned, could do irreparable harm to an economy that is already facing recession.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Network marketing business opportunity will never be hard to come by. The financial state isn't doing that great, which is making many previously employed professional individuals to make the most of their savings, invest in something with high yield, or start their own business. The problem with this is that several individuals don't have experience running, advertising, and networking their own entity. They are generally used to running in one area of an existing company, and thus forget that when they commence their own business they'll be responsible for all sorts of things including accounting, closing, and expanding the clientele and network lists.

Because of so many opportunities out there, and so much talent involved in managing a business, these prospective network marketing business opportunists are related ample research to decide which company is best for them, and most importantly, which companies they can trust their financial future to.

When analyzing a network marketing business opportunity, several key elements must be evaluated. First off, take a good, long consider the product the business is selling. Is it a breakthrough product? Is the market niche for this product saturated or is there room for your company to succeed? Is your company planning on competing directly with another similar company, or are you creating your own "passing lane" to breeze by the competition and succeed with the same target market in a slightly different zone? Asking yourself these questions, as well as having a comprehensive understanding of the market you intend to enter, will do wonders for your ability to succeed with your network marketing business.

A Network marketing business opportunity also come with different levels of professional authority and seasoned management staff. When you're considering becoming an associate at any network marketing business, evaluate their professional team with the utmost scrutiny. Perhaps speak to them and have conversations with people who already work for or with the company. Learn how well the associates at the business are trained, and also find out how well the company maintains contact with its independent business owners or associates. Knowing the leadership team is like knowing the captain of your battleship; it is crucial when analyzing your ability to survive and succeed.

Developments are also a big factor to consider when thinking about a network marketing business opportunity. What is doing what, which markets are growing, which are collapsing, which have the tendency to grow and which have a tendency to stabilize? This information, though complex, is helpful in choosing a product and a business model.

It doesn't matter what network marketing business opportunity you decide to pursue, and no matter the economy, market trends, or leadership in that business, one thing is certain: You, the business owner, must learn to market online and offline in order to create achievements. What does this mean? It means that attraction marketing is probably the only constant variables that comes with running your own business. Looking into and learning using attraction marketing techniques practiced by the pros is the best and fastest way to solidify your foothold in the network marketing business opportunity of your choice.

Friday, October 19, 2012

People considering hosting conferences need to analyze a multitude of different factors when looking for an appropriate city in which to hold their conference. Not all of those factors will be directly related to the conference, but will be just as important in motivating people to attend the conference. One of the greatest challengers for conference holders can be persuading people to attend the conference since there is very little reason to hold a conference that no one is willing to attend. This means that aspects such as the location of the conference venue within the chosen city or town and the attractiveness of the surrounding area can play a part in enticing people to attend the conference. Considered among the cities which are viewed as most attractive to hold a conference in is Bournemouth.
It has a number of different attractions for conference holders as well as those who attend the conference. These include the beautiful scenery in the area as well as a large number of different venues that offer conference facilities to cater for a wide range of conference sizes. There are many hotels within Bournemouth that offer conference facilities which can make arrangements for attending or holding the conference a lot easier. The best known is the Bournemouth International Centre which is widely considered to be one of the best in terms of facilities and quality service. It is also extremely easy to access since the location is well serviced by over ground transport of different types. Bournemouth as a whole is well serviced by both air and ground travel making it little hardship to reach the area to attend the conference.

The town is geared towards the hosting of conferences since there are many held there at any given time.

This has lead to Bournemouth being recognized as an important conference venue. Some of the most well known conferences to be held in the area include the annual conference of the Labour Party in 2003 as well as the annual conference for the Conservative party in 2006. There are many different activities available to those people who attend the conferences as well as anyone who may accompany them. One of the best known is the shopping that is available in Bournemouth. There are different districts that specialize in particular types of produce, an instance of which is Westbourne which houses many different interior design shops as well as many different boutiques containing clothing created by famous designers.

One of the greatest attractions for people attending a conference in Bournemouth as well as other visitors to the area can be the beautiful long beach that runs the length of Bournemouth. In addition to the beach the town boasts a variety of different parks and gardens that have won awards for their beauty. his is complemented by the wonderfully mild weather that the Dorset area enjoys throughout the year. This can help to provide a beautiful backdrop to whichever venue you choose to host your Bournemouth conference in.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS) has 7 main categories under which prospective migrants can apply under for immigration to New Zealand.

They are as follows

Skilled Migrant Category
Investor Category
Entrepeneur Category
Work to Residence Policy
Employees of businesses relocating to New Zealand
Family/Family quota category
Humanitarian/Refugee category

For immigration to New Zealand purposes you must fit into one box, there is no negotiating, no variables or flexibility.

The first most important aspect of immigration to New Zealand is which category you will apply under. I have been in New Zealand for 10 years now and have seen numerous changes happen during that time. In 2000 I was briefly involved in assisting people immigrate because of my recruitment business.

After you have made the decision to immigrate, which is a big one, and before you do anything else you need to get a thorough understanding of what category you can apply under.

If you are paying an agent then they will decide this for you based on the info you provide them. If you are doing this on your own though, you need to make sure you get this step absolutely right from the onset for your immigration to Ne Zealand.

Most people apply under the skilled migrant category, which uses a points system. There are some downsides to this category,like

You need to be under 55 years of age
Registration Required in some fields of expertise
Job offer required
The principal applicant must meet English language requirements
It also requires an expression of interest which is scored ranked and pooled and only the highest ranking applicants are invited to apply.

This is probably the biggest step before Immigration to New Zealand can commence. Once you know which category you can apply under can you start moving through the rest of the process.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Network marketing industry is definitely full of hype and outlandish claims. You see it all the time, headlines telling you that this new and exciting business is so easy, there is no selling, no talking to people, no doing anything but sitting back on the couch and watching the money rolling into your bank account. I have to laugh when I see such statements because they are rather comical, but at the same time they make me angry because statements like these are why our industry is so frowned upon.

The network marketing business model is responsible for creating real wealth for real people just like you and I. Success in this industry is not reflective on the amount of education, experience or special skills that one might possess. Success boils down to the simplicity of drive and determination.

I am going to outline in a concise manner exactly what it will take for you to build a successful business in network marketing. This is not a bunch of hype end froufrou pseudo-psychological branding of myself in my way of doing things. This is a real detailed approach that has been implemented by successful network marketers all over the world.

Yes, the age of technology is a wonderful thing. You and I are living in a time where we can automate almost every part of the business building process. The key word here is almost. The simple truth is, not everything can be automated, nor should it be. Network marketing after all is about building relationships and community bonds that should evolve into real friendships.

The Internet does give you the capability to take a completely hands-off approach if you know how to drive tons of traffic and convert that traffic into customers and business builders. Those who are capable of doing this however tend to jump from opportunity to opportunity and never really build an organization that has synergy because they are not there in the flesh to be the organization's guiding force.

If you want to build an organization that will stand the test of time and grow month after month for years to come, your are first of all going to have to determine that you are indeed the leader of your organization. In order to do this effectively you need to be able to communicate with your team personally on a regular basis and motivate them to do what is necessary to succeed.

The easiest way to do this, is to build your business locally and the approach that I am about to share with you will completely blow the doors off of anything you have done in the past if it is implemented correctly. When you are able to look your team in the eye and they know that you care about them and want them to reach their goals, you are much more likely to attract real success and instead of wishing for duplication, you will find more and more people duplicating your efforts.

Duplication throughout an entire organization does not exist and it never will or everyone who joined a network marketing business would be successful. The truth is 95% of the people to join any business, regardless of how great the compensation plan is or how fabulous the product makes people feel, fail and do so miserably. Most people will end up spending more money than they ever make and most will not ever make a dime.

The failure rate has absolutely nothing to do with the network marketing business model. It has everything to do with empty promises given by the up line. These promises tell people the same thing as the headline talked about above. People should know that real success will never come without real effort. People however by nature want to believe in things and circumstances beyond the normal constraints of reality.

  • Duplication is a must, but it must be the result of people emulating what you do.

  • It is easier to build an organization locally because of accountability and the ability of team members to see success in action.

  • Success in network marketing is never handed to you on a silver platter. Network marketing requires real effort if you want to be successful.

The Internet must play a vital role in the business building process. It is a tool that can be used to automate much of the business building process. In order for the Internet to work, you must have a marketing funnel or system in place that will automatically sort and begin the follow-up process with your prospects. This marketing system must consist of a capture page or a way to gather interested prospects information. It must be in a format that is easy for your prospects to follow and offer useful information that will educate them about your business once they fill out the form.

After the prospect submits his or her information the system must immediately begin the follow-up process. This must shortly be followed by a direct response from you personally, preferably by telephone letting your prospect know that you are there to answer any questions or concerns that they may have. This means your capture page needs to collect a phone number when you are promoting a network marketing opportunity. Yes, this will decrease the conversion rate of your page but it will let you know right offhand who is really interested in your business.

Conference events may pertain to specific category and purpose. Depending upon its type and format, even participants who take part in it could differ. Few popular categories where these events take place may include, Exhibitions, Trade shows/fairs, Military and Security events, Road Shows, Gala Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Christmas and New Year functions, Corporate Events, etc.

Whenever these events are held, there is always something beneficial for an entity that conducts it. For instance, if a company from corporate world organizes such an event, in most cases it has been found this allows flow of new ideas within an organizational structure. A change in working environment allows management brass and its workforce, to rejuvenate them and it gives some positive vibes to them. As a result, an organization finds itself in a situation where things move smoothly ultimately benefiting an organization.

With changing times, even a conference room, where these events take place, has seen a mammoth change in its form and types. These days, changing environment across the globe has given rise to newer and advanced security dynamics. As a result, windowless conference room has appeared where many of these events take place in a more secured environment. For example, presence of a room called 'Tank' within the premises of Pentagon is testimony to this.

Much of success for such events lies in proper planning and systematic execution of various steps involved in it. Drawing a road may not suffice unless and until it is properly supported by adequate satisfactory execution of steps involved. A better approach under these circumstances would be to chalk out elaborate details in a phased and systematic manner. For example, if an event were supposedly meant to take place in a different city or country other than a place where the organization is based, it would require proper travel plans being drawn, lodging arrangements being made and lot more. If you think you are finding it difficult in managing all these basic prerequisites, it is suggested you get hold of professionals who have necessary expertise and skills to handle these issues. Once you can delegate this responsibility to these professional bodies, it allows you to concentrate more your usual business transactions.

Both small and big organizations often hold their conferences and meetings from time to time. In order to see such a meeting attaining its logical ends, it is always suggested to take help of meeting venues. Normally such a venue would definitely possess state-of-the-art gadgets and various equipments necessary during a meeting. Some of these item are TVs, laptops and computers that has inbuilt Internet connections, LCD projectors, screens, whiteboards with markers, banners, flip charts, and lecterns with microphones, etc.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

AT&T has rolled out its Telepresence Solution, a compelling new way to communicate domestically as well as internationally. Available in 75 countries, AT&T takes international conference calls and transforms them into vivid, life-size teleconferences. While this technology allows for an "in person" meeting experience via complex video conferencing systems and HD television sets, it's not necessarily the end of international conference calling as we now know it. In fact, global collaboration and virtual meetings using existing technologies have been occurring for many years.

What does AT&T's Telepresence Solution do? It enables international callers to conduct face-to-face meetings without having to travel, potentially saving participants thousands of dollars in travel expenses and eliminating the hassles of international travel. AT&T offers this solution as a managed telepresence service where AT&T owns the equipment and bills customers each month for the service. This arrangement eliminates the need for upfront investments in equipment and ensures budget predictability. Optionally, AT&T can integrate the solution with customer-owned equipment. In addition to installing equipment at the sites of Telepresence Solution customers, third parties such as Marriott Hotels are getting into the act by creating Telepresence Solution rooms and making them available for rent.

Unlike traditional international conference calls, taking advantage of this new technology requires all parties to attend the teleconference at a site equipped with the Telepresence Solution. While it may be inconvenient to book a meeting room equipped with the technology, it's better than having to fly around the globe in order to attend a physical meeting.

Video conferencing, whether in full high definition video or standard video, coupled with international conference calling remains one of the best ways to control costs while also facilitating international collaboration. Existing video Web conferencing technology is readily available with participants being able to attend using standard office equipment such as a computer with Internet access and a phone. Inexpensive webcams add video to the mix, allowing for virtual face-to-face meetings from around the globe.

Hosting a video Web conference in conjunction with international conference calling technologies allows for better sound quality than using built-in microphones and sending audio over the Internet. An integrated conference with a phone bridge is ideal as participants can speak to one another over the phone line while interacting onscreen. File sharing and desktop sharing further enhance the conference, making for a full-fledged, real time collaboration tool.

AT&T's Telepresence Solution as well as international conference calls and video Web conferences offer similar benefits including: a global reach, improved communications, faster decision making, and reduced financial and environmental impacts.

For example, international conference calls and Web conferencing technologies allow you to interact, in real time, with your colleagues and partners located in hundreds of countries. By being able to see and hear each other, communications become more personable and misunderstandings less frequent. Non-verbal communications allow everyone to better understand the nuances being expressed - nuances and subtleties that would otherwise be missed or misinterpreted. This is especially important when your team is made up of culturally diverse team members.

In addition, since international conference calling takes place in real time, decisions are made faster. Rather than a drawn-out exchange of emails with long delays due to time zone differences, well scheduled international conference calls and Web conferences ensure that the information is exchanged promptly and questions addressed immediately.

Finally, international conference calling and Web video conferencing dramatically reduce travel costs and carbon emissions due to the elimination of air travel. As you tally up the savings in these areas alone, a strong case for these alternatives to physical meetings emerges.

Whether you're waiting for AT&T's Telepresence Solution to become a viable option for your organization or want to start saving money on your international collaboration efforts, using today's existing technologies such as video Web conferencing and international conference calling is a smart move you can begin using right now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Many people are making millions of dollars online with internet marketing business. You too can start, in fact, anyone can start on internet marketing business online. The only requirement is to stop looking for overwhelming information and start taking some action. Determination in starting your business is very important. Here I have listed 3 of the best tips to get you started with your internet marketing business now.

Stop Wasting Your Time Looking for Secrets:

First of all there is no secret as such, to make money overnight. Neither online nor offline. Make yourself believe that this is an ongoing process and takes lot of smart-work and time to become successful. So stop wasting your time looking for useless secrets. The more you look for it the you get confused and in the end you will drop the idea to start your business. So avoid surfing through pages. Here I will tell you what you will require to start your online business. You will require your own product to sell to start your online business. There are two options to get your own product. Either spend a quality time researching and creating your own product or...

Buy PLR or MRR Products:

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Build Your List:

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One of the things that the Federal Government is supposed to do is control immigration and over the last couple of years a great deal of hot air (let's hope it wasn't greenhouse gases) has come out of Washington on the subject. However, aside from a mix of photo-op posturing, disingenuous calls for action and whining platitudes, very little was accomplished other than tweaking the vocabulary to turn "illegal alien" into the more PC-compatible "undocumented worker." I am sorry to say this Nancy, Harry, Ted, Gavin; these people are not"undocumented workers" they are, in point of fact, "illegal aliens." They came into the country illegally, they are working illegally; they are criminals and now, in an effort to keep Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) off their trail, they are making things worse by stealing the identities of American citizens!

Well, if the Congress won't do anything about illegal immigration, border security, the resulting identity theft and so on, then ICE and the States will-and they have. The tactics, however, are not just the old catch-and-release policies of days gone by. For a while now, a prosecutorial eye has been fixing its baleful gaze on employers.

Operation Wagon Train
One case in point is the series of ICE raids against Swift & Company, the large meat packing company. The raids, which took place in 2006, were conducted against six of the company's facilities: Greeley, Colorado; Grand Island, Nebraska; Cactus, Texas; Hyrum, Utah; Marshalltown, Iowa; and Worthington, Minnesota. In a December, 2006 press conference held by Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Assistant Secretary Julie Myers, and Federal Trade Commission Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras, Secretary Chertoff made these remarks about the raids (The emphasis below is mine):

Of the 1,282 workers who were arrested on administrative immigration violations, approximately 65 were also charged with identity theft-related charges - those are criminal charges - or other similar criminal violations, including reentry. That number may change as the investigation continues and as more individuals get charged with criminal violations in addition to administrative violations.

The investigation began in February of this year. The evidence we uncovered indicates that hundreds of Swift workers illegally assumed the identities of U.S. citizens, using stolen or fraudulently acquired Social Security numbers and other identity documents which they used to get jobs at Swift facilities. I emphasize that the investigation is continuing, particularly with respect to those who facilitated or conspired with others to allow this use of identity theft to support illegal work. So some of the follow-on is going to continue as the investigation matures.

Now, this is not only a case about illegal immigration, which is bad enough. It's a case about identity theft in violation of the privacy rights and the economic rights of innocent Americans. I will tell you that the people whose identities were stolen - and we believe, based on reporting we got at the federal Trade Commission (FTC) - that these number at least in the hundreds. These individuals suffered very real consequences in their lives. These were not victimless crimes.

"Those who facilitated"-the employers-are targets. In 2007, ICE made 863 criminal arrests; 59 were owners and 33 were lower-level managers. These people were primarily charged with knowingly hiring illegal workers. This is a huge rise from the 176 such arrests that ICE made in 2006. How are they doing it? With the threat of prison and deportation over their heads, it is not difficult for ICE agents to convince many illegal aliens to cut a deal and turn State's evidence. Wearing wires and using false credentials provided to them by ICE, these illegals tape conversations, apply for and get new jobs and generally collect incriminating evidence of wrongdoing on the part of management and business owners. The evidence is turned over to ICE, arrests are made and prosecutions proceed.

The raids on Swift were merely the largest and most public example, but there are smaller actions being taken each day and they all convey the same message: Do not hire illegal aliens. However, ICE isn't the only voice with that message. The States, frustrated over Washington's lack of leadership on the subject, are being heard as well and, as an employer, it would be wise for you to listen.

Hire an Illegal Alien, Go Out of Business
The toughest states for illegal immigration are Tennessee, Arizona and Mississippi, all of which will yank your business license for hiring an illegal alien if you have not followed the law's provisions for determining an applicant's status. Mississippi, for example, mandates the use of the Federal Government's E-Verify system. Employers who use it and still get caught should have nothing to worry about as long as they have done nothing to assist the illegal alien in question. The law states:

Any employer that complies with the requirements of this section shall be held harmless by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, provided the employer is not directly involved in the creation of any false documents, and provided that the employer did not knowingly and willfully accept false documents from the employee.

These laws also target the illegal aliens in addition to the employers. The Mississippi law mandates a felony conviction for an illegal alien accepting work with a penalty of up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. In Oklahoma, the law requires employers to use E-Verify, it also makes it far more difficult for illegal immigrants to get government identification documents or receive public assistance, authorizes the police to check the immigration status of anyone arrested, and makes it a felony offense for U.S. citizens to knowingly provide shelter, transportation, or employment to illegal immigrants.

The list goes on but the pattern-and the message arising from it-is clear. Frustrated over the inaction of Congress (Section 2, Paragraph (a) of the Tennessee statute reads in part: "For purposes of enforcing federal immigration laws, including, if applicable, federal laws relating to the employment of illegal aliens..."), the States have taken the power to deal with this immigration issue onto themselves. Of course, not everyone agrees. There are those who say that the Congress has the sole authority to pass laws governing immigration, while there are others who argue that the states have the right, a drama that will eventually be played out in the courts. There can be no argument, however, that if the states have to pass laws to enforce existing federal law, then something is deeply wrong in Washington. In fact, that fact alone, that the states feel as if they must-and can-take over what is a federal issue should make every taxpayer sit up and take notice of what is happening on the federal level. However, while you are sitting up and taking notice; you, as a business owner, need to figure out how to protect yourself.

The Bottom Line: Is Cheap Labor Worth the Risk?
Cheap labor: That is why illegals get hired in the first place. You can hire more of them for the same amount of payroll money, or hire less and pocket the difference. What's more, they don't demand benefits, they do jobs that others won't do and their status as illegal aliens makes them very easy to exploit as far as work hours and conditions are concerned.

On the other hand, these same people are now wearing wires and implicating their employers in this criminal relationship. On top of that they are committing identity theft and harming honest Americans just to stay here. Sure, from a cash point of view, they are a bargain, but the hidden costs and risks associated with hiring an illegal alien mount up very quickly.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Whether your business is small or large, you will probably have a conference at least once in the duration of managing your business. Each business, when arranging a conference, will require fulfillment of different needs.

Large enterprises are probably one of the biggest businesses that have conferences usually on a yearly basis. They have conferences for different reasons. A business could have a conference in order to train their employees in new technology, or to let stakeholders know how the business did that year. Some businesses also require their employees to attend a certain number of conferences a year to refine their skills, and learn new ones.

When a large enterprise has a conference, it is not only for the purpose of getting people together, but it has to go smoothly as well. This means that these businesses are more likely to hire big prestigious venues, and ensure that there are no hiccups during the conference. Some of the essentials that a large enterprise might look for in conference facilities would be primarily the venue. The venue must have good lighting and sound system, and should add a charm to the conference.

Other essentials would include good catering if the conference is run over the course of a single or multiple days. They might also look to arrange accommodation for people who might be coming from other parts of the world to attend the conference. This might mean that they will find a good conference centre that provides nice rooms and facilities where employees and guests can stay.

Some of the basic requirements for any conference nowadays include wireless internet. Wireless internet ensures that all guests attending the conference can easily hop online, and stay in touch with the outside world. This would also help people stay up to date on what is happening in their businesses, and continue working through emails.

Many technical gadgets are also required for a conference. These would include but are not limited to, big screens, whether these are projection screens, or television screens, computers, microphones, speakers, so that the sound is carried throughout the venue, and many more. The presence of so many technical gadgets means that you would need to have a technical team on standby at the location that can assist in the setting up of or the resolution of any problem that might arise due to these gadgets.

Good parking facilities are also very important for a conference. You would not want guests to waste precious time in being able to find good parking, and then worrying about the parking meter running out. Therefore, it would be important to find a conference centre that has preferably its own parking garage.

Other essential things would be to ensure that the area is kept clean. This would include the area where the conference is taking place as well as the restrooms.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Are you still chasing your family, friends and strangers about your business opportunity? Not, in this day and age!

Many people are still taught the ineffective ways to market their businesses, such as selling to their family and friends, buying leads, cold-calling prospects and so forth. They are made to believe that EVERYONE they knew and bumped into was their target market. Thinking about it, how possible is that? Is everyone interested in building a network marketing business?

A fact is, NOT everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Some people are content with their circumstances and don't have the motivation, drive and persistence to build a real long-term home business.

That is why it's important to practice Attraction Marketing in your business in order to attract like minded people to you effortlessly. You also need to learn the skills that set you apart in the market place and make people want to work with you because you offer great value and real solutions.

It's very important that you identify and attract people who are already interested in what you have to offer, not every face you run into. Here are the people to look for:

  1. People who are actively looking for a network marketing business opportunity so they can have a better lifestyle, freedom and independence.

  2. People who are already in the network marketing industry but are disillusioned with the opportunity they are currently involved in.

So as you market and build your business, do it in a way that attracts the leaders you want to you. Forget about pestering your family and friends if you're serious about building a successful network marketing business and learn to attract qualified prospects to you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anyone who is serving currently in the U.S. armed forces or has served in the U.S. armed forces has the eligibility to apply for U.S. citizenship based on certain special provisions under the Immigration and Nationality Act or INA. According to U.S. citizenship requirements for military personnel, Form N-426 should be filed for naturalization. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS has made the process of naturalization easy for members in the U.S. armed forces. U.S. citizenship requirements for military personnels states that a person is not eligible to become a U.S. citizen if involved in murder, crime or violation of law during the past five years.

U.S. citizenship requirements for military personnels

USCIS has laid down certain qualifications and citizenship requirements for military personnels:
The applicant who is applying for U.S. citizenship should have good moral character during the legal period in the armed forces.
The military personnel should not be involved in crime during the past five years.
The member of the armed forces should not be involved in illegal gambling, prostitution and smuggling.
The applicant should not practice polygamy.
U.S. citizenship requirements also states that the applicant should not be a drunkard.
The applicant should have proficient knowledge and fluency in English.
The applicant should have knowledge concerning the history, role and functioning of the U.S. government.
The applicant should take an oath, that he is attached to the U.S. constitution.

Usually an interview is conducted for the applicant to test the moral character. Avoid lying during the interview, as this would result in the rejection of your citizenship. If you have any queries about the interview, you can seek the help of an attorney.

U.S. citizenship requirements for military personnels states that, while applying for citizenship the following forms should be submitted to the USCIS:
Application for Naturalization, Form N-400.
Request for Certification of Military or Naval Services, Form N-426.
Copy of certificate of release or discharge from duty, Form DD-214.
Form G-325B, Biographic Information.

U.S. citizenship requirements for military personnels states that, those who obtained the U.S. citizenship through the INA act and has not completed the legal period in the armed forces, will have the citizenship revoked by USCIS.

If you have served the U.S. armed forces during wartime on or after September 11, 2001, you are eligible to apply for immediate citizenship. If you have offered your services to the U.S. armed forces during a time of peace, you are eligible to apply for citizenship if the following conditions are satisfied:

- You should have served in the armed forces for at least one year.
- You should be a Lawful Permanent Resident.
- You should submit the application for U.S. Citizenship while in service or within six months from the time you were relieved from service.

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