Sunday, July 7, 2013

Many people trying to escape the 9-5 job routines, corporate politics and competitive marketplace. The dream is to be your own boss, have your own work schedule and spend more quality time with your family.

I have realized long time ago that I have spent more time with my co-workers then my beautiful wife and adorable daughter. I disliked that feeling so much and therefore was forced to look for better money-making options.

And because I was looking, somehow all circumstances came along and here I am today writing this article on network marketing business or MLM if you will.

I came long way from shy individual to an accomplished business owner.

But why so many people fail in Network Marketing?

Is it only illegal pyramid schemes in where people on the top make the most money? Nope. There are around 200 good companies to choose from. Just make sure they are members of DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Is it that many Network Marketers lack the tools needed to grow their business?And the main reason why many people fail in network marketing venture is that they do not have the list of contacts necessary to make it big!

As you start with your networking business, your upline will tell you to make list of all your friends and relatives, do 3 way calls, practice 3 foot rule etc...

As soon as you mention your networking business to them, they think you are crazy to do one of those things and you will never see them again. Maybe they even cross the street when they see you.

You see this is standard in all multi level marketing companies. People are fed up with this 95% rejection system. What you going to experience with this system is anger, disappointment, discouragement and many more self-destructing behavior.

Until one day you say to yourself: "That's enough! I can't take the pain any more!" And you quit. And lose around $400-1500 bucks in a process. Hopefully not more than that.

So what is the solution to this? Is it something you can do to prevent this horrible failure?

And thankfully there are options. And no, you do not buy opt-in leads from no one. That will just suck your money out of your bank account.

Now you can do what "the big mlm guns" do and they do not want you to tell you. Develop your own leads! Bingo! Is that all? But why so simple?

Well, it's called working smarter rather than harder! Isn't it the first reason you have started network marketing business? I did.

The trick is that when you develop your own network marketing leads you will eliminate rejection completely. People contact you and not the other way around. And they will even pay for it - if you use the correct system.

And believe me, when your friends see the new BMW parked in your garage, they will hunt you down and beg you to join your network marketing business.

You see how you can turn things around? The simple way.

And the secret formula is: brand and promote yourself, develop your own leads and let them recruit you, but do business only with the ones that are very interested. Then just go and deposit the weekly checks to your bank account.

Simpler than any other business venture I know of. And residual income can be the best thing you may wish for. If your dream is to work only 4 hours a week or less.

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  1. I think why many people didn’t reach network marketing success is because they didn’t think that their business great enough. They are in doubt but they just want to make big money that’s why they are doing it.

    Network Marketing


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