Sunday, July 28, 2013

Internet marketing in today's world is full of twists and turns at every corner. Just about the time you think you have something figured out, you find out about something new. From my own personal experience I have noticed that I really have to make sure I focus on what my Internet Marketing Objectives are for my business...or next thing I know, I'm off floating around in cyberspace with no return ticket.

So here's three things to help you stay focused... for some of you, this is so simple, and for those who are just starting out...this might save you a lot of time and read on...

#1. Have a business, product of service worth promoting...

This seems like common sense, but it can be so easy to be romanced into marketing a product or service that does not have enough profit available to cover your internet marketing costs. If you have to spend $200 in marketing just to make $50, then obviously you'll have to cut the cost of your marketing, invest a ton of time doing free marketing methods, or find something else that is worthy of your time and efforts.

#2. Driving enough high quality traffic to your offer...

If you don't get enough traffic, or bring in the wrong kind of traffic, then it really doesn't matter how good your offer or profit margin really is. So not getting a lot of traffic, and good quality targeted traffic is where most people go wrong. They get into an opportunity, and since they have not learned how to effectively market and advertise, they make no money. Then instead of learning how to market effectively, most people just move on to another opportunity and repeat the same process as before, blaming the opportunity, rather than learning and applying internet and direct marketing skills.

#3. Getting Conversion...

Let's say you have a worthy offer, good profit margin and you ARE driving a TON of targeted quality traffic to your site. This is another critical stage...because if those visitors do not convert into prospects, leads or sales, then your advertising budget can get shot to pieces in a hurry. This is where testing really needs to come into play. Testing your landing page, your headlines, your landing page text, the colors of your text, your images, the guessed it...there is no limit to what can and should be tested. People who have mastered internet marketing have mastered the art of testing.

So those are the three main things that you should try to focus on. No matter what you see and learn on the internet, to build a profitable home based internet business, it all comes down to these three things...Worthy and profitable opportunity product or service, driving a TON of quality targeted traffic, and then converting those prospects into results for your Internet Marketing business.

This article you are reading now is just one of the many methos I'm using to drive quality targeted traffic to my site that I learned through my continued internet marketing business education.


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