Friday, July 19, 2013

You have been placed in charge of setting up your company's annual conference next year and you have no idea where to host this event. Whilst it is a rather large undertaking; when you break it down into steps, it won't be that difficult.

Choice of conference facilities

Search for venue options. Check with the Visitor's bureau, City Hall or Township offices. They can provide you with listings of venues in their area and may even offer specials. Especially if you are expecting out-of-town attendees, they often include package deals with accommodation, catering and entertainment.

The internet is always a great source of information; any venue worthwhile is going to have a website. The more details a website offers, the easier it makes your job of course. Some may even offer a virtual tour of the rooms and you will be able to see the configuration and size of the rooms on offer. Some may even ask you a few questions about what your requirements are with an online form and then have an event planner contact you.

Every venue should offer you examples of what they have available and what facilities you can expect. You may be looking for a particular type of venue that has classroom style seating and you need it with projection screens and a sound system. Ask what they can offer to set up in the way of facilities for the attendees?


Once you have a list of venues narrowed down, you need to determine if the attendees will have somewhere they can use phones, have access to restrooms or simply somewhere to just stretch their legs, get some fresh air and re-group. Will your delegates need beverages, meals and snacks? Do they have in-house catering or do they employ the services of an outside caterer?

Do they offer a continental and/or a full breakfast menu and if so do they have self-serve banquet style, or do the attendees order from a menu? For lunch and dinner is it smorgasboard style or a-la-carte? Can they accommodate people with special diets or allergies?


Many venues will offer a transportation service as well. If you have a large number of attendees who are staying in various hotels around town, this is a great bonus. They will provide coaches to each of the main hotels to collect the attendees so they won't have to worry about walking or hailing a cab. The shuttle may also be offered after hours if your attendees want to go off their own way for evening dining or sightseeing during off breaks from the conference.


You will want to choose a venue which has a reputation for quality and experience and do ensure their reputation is solid. An experienced staff will know what can go wrong and will have an alternative to offer should anything untoward happen.

Ask to have a look at their testimonials and check for feed-back from one of their recent conference attendees. It may pay to check with the person who was in charge of that conference and get their comments on the quality of the venue.

Even if the venue is brand new, they should have experienced event coordinators and venue management personnel on hand to smooth the way and help to ensure that your conference runs successfully.

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