Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hands up if you are one of the thousands of network marketers currently "spinning your wheels" trying to edge closer to your dream?

It's a fact of life in the network marketing business that the majority of those who "dip their toes in the water" will ultimately throw their hands up in the air and eventually declare it's all too hard!

So what is the one important part of the MLM business you need to get right to give yourself a chance of progressing up the ranks? I consider prospecting the one single aspect of this industry which is vital to the growth of your business.

Okay, that's nothing new you say but there is a difference between prospecting and targeted prospecting. My first two failed attempts at building a network marketing business had me searching for reasons why. It wasn't because of a lack of endeavor. Heck, I drilled through my warm market like a machine. Apart from making a few product sales, this method simply left me "on the backfoot" with my friends and family and for a while after, had me tagged as a serial pest.

The problem is, while prospecting your warm market is fine, the fact remains; approaching people who are not looking for an opportunity will get you absolutely no where. So what's the answer? Well, you need to pre-qualify your prospects before asking them to take a look at your network marketing business opportunity.

It is a lot easier to promote your MLM opportunity to people who are actually looking. The old tactics in network marketing of making a list of every one you know might have worked fine two decades ago but today, we've leap frogged into a new era of technology; the internet has come into play as not only a medium of communication but also a means of promotion and marketing.

People are looking for home based business opportunities. Your task is to attract those people into your funnel but before you start ramming your opportunity down their throats, a process of relationship building needs to be observed. You need to build a degree of trust with your prospect in fact, it's not the products or the business opportunity which will ultimately attract them into your business but believe it or not, it will be you.

The simple truth about the network marketing business is that people don't join your business, they join you.

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