Monday, October 15, 2012

The Network marketing industry is definitely full of hype and outlandish claims. You see it all the time, headlines telling you that this new and exciting business is so easy, there is no selling, no talking to people, no doing anything but sitting back on the couch and watching the money rolling into your bank account. I have to laugh when I see such statements because they are rather comical, but at the same time they make me angry because statements like these are why our industry is so frowned upon.

The network marketing business model is responsible for creating real wealth for real people just like you and I. Success in this industry is not reflective on the amount of education, experience or special skills that one might possess. Success boils down to the simplicity of drive and determination.

I am going to outline in a concise manner exactly what it will take for you to build a successful business in network marketing. This is not a bunch of hype end froufrou pseudo-psychological branding of myself in my way of doing things. This is a real detailed approach that has been implemented by successful network marketers all over the world.

Yes, the age of technology is a wonderful thing. You and I are living in a time where we can automate almost every part of the business building process. The key word here is almost. The simple truth is, not everything can be automated, nor should it be. Network marketing after all is about building relationships and community bonds that should evolve into real friendships.

The Internet does give you the capability to take a completely hands-off approach if you know how to drive tons of traffic and convert that traffic into customers and business builders. Those who are capable of doing this however tend to jump from opportunity to opportunity and never really build an organization that has synergy because they are not there in the flesh to be the organization's guiding force.

If you want to build an organization that will stand the test of time and grow month after month for years to come, your are first of all going to have to determine that you are indeed the leader of your organization. In order to do this effectively you need to be able to communicate with your team personally on a regular basis and motivate them to do what is necessary to succeed.

The easiest way to do this, is to build your business locally and the approach that I am about to share with you will completely blow the doors off of anything you have done in the past if it is implemented correctly. When you are able to look your team in the eye and they know that you care about them and want them to reach their goals, you are much more likely to attract real success and instead of wishing for duplication, you will find more and more people duplicating your efforts.

Duplication throughout an entire organization does not exist and it never will or everyone who joined a network marketing business would be successful. The truth is 95% of the people to join any business, regardless of how great the compensation plan is or how fabulous the product makes people feel, fail and do so miserably. Most people will end up spending more money than they ever make and most will not ever make a dime.

The failure rate has absolutely nothing to do with the network marketing business model. It has everything to do with empty promises given by the up line. These promises tell people the same thing as the headline talked about above. People should know that real success will never come without real effort. People however by nature want to believe in things and circumstances beyond the normal constraints of reality.

  • Duplication is a must, but it must be the result of people emulating what you do.

  • It is easier to build an organization locally because of accountability and the ability of team members to see success in action.

  • Success in network marketing is never handed to you on a silver platter. Network marketing requires real effort if you want to be successful.

The Internet must play a vital role in the business building process. It is a tool that can be used to automate much of the business building process. In order for the Internet to work, you must have a marketing funnel or system in place that will automatically sort and begin the follow-up process with your prospects. This marketing system must consist of a capture page or a way to gather interested prospects information. It must be in a format that is easy for your prospects to follow and offer useful information that will educate them about your business once they fill out the form.

After the prospect submits his or her information the system must immediately begin the follow-up process. This must shortly be followed by a direct response from you personally, preferably by telephone letting your prospect know that you are there to answer any questions or concerns that they may have. This means your capture page needs to collect a phone number when you are promoting a network marketing opportunity. Yes, this will decrease the conversion rate of your page but it will let you know right offhand who is really interested in your business.


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