Friday, October 5, 2012

Are you still chasing your family, friends and strangers about your business opportunity? Not, in this day and age!

Many people are still taught the ineffective ways to market their businesses, such as selling to their family and friends, buying leads, cold-calling prospects and so forth. They are made to believe that EVERYONE they knew and bumped into was their target market. Thinking about it, how possible is that? Is everyone interested in building a network marketing business?

A fact is, NOT everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Some people are content with their circumstances and don't have the motivation, drive and persistence to build a real long-term home business.

That is why it's important to practice Attraction Marketing in your business in order to attract like minded people to you effortlessly. You also need to learn the skills that set you apart in the market place and make people want to work with you because you offer great value and real solutions.

It's very important that you identify and attract people who are already interested in what you have to offer, not every face you run into. Here are the people to look for:

  1. People who are actively looking for a network marketing business opportunity so they can have a better lifestyle, freedom and independence.

  2. People who are already in the network marketing industry but are disillusioned with the opportunity they are currently involved in.

So as you market and build your business, do it in a way that attracts the leaders you want to you. Forget about pestering your family and friends if you're serious about building a successful network marketing business and learn to attract qualified prospects to you.


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