Friday, November 2, 2012

So you are searching the internet for a affiliate marketing business model that you can actually make money in. This article is for anyone who is seeking online website selling tips to implement in their current or future business. So what if you don't currently have a business, but would like to start one? Then this article is going to be the most important valuable content you will read this year.

In today's home based business world we live in today, there is one thing you need to be looking for in any affiliate marketing business model you may join. Plane and simple, it the mentoring aspect of the business model. So what is working in the affiliate game today, high tier business models? I must warn you they are not cheap, but the pay offs are tremendous when you are talking about making up to $900 a sale or more. If you have done any type of affiliate marketing in the past you know that it takes a lot of $20 e-books sales to break even, if you are utilizing a pay per click marketing strategy.

This is where a lot of aspiring internet marketers get off track the fastest, burning a hole in their bank account faster than a pocket with a hole in it. Even, worse most inexperienced marketers finance their marketing expenses on credit, which if you don't know what you are doing can cost you more than an arm and a leg. This is the reason why the failure rate in the home based business is at 95% or greater, but it doesn't have to be that way.

When you are researching the industry for a affiliate marketing business model, the biggest piece of advice that anyone can give you is make sure that the company that you are promoting has a mentoring program in place. In my opinion the number one reason why the failure rate is so high with affiliate marketing business model opportunities, is the fact that people with no experience try to doing everything by their self. Usually, using the latest and greatest marketing course that they bought from a marketing guru. Here is a tip, look at how the guru's are selling and not what they are selling.

So you already have a successful business but you are looking for some online website selling tips to get you to the next level. The best selling tips that my mentor taught me when I was first getting started, is that when you want to make serious money online you must start by given value away first. When you do this, you build trust with your prospects and future customers. When they see your free stuff is valuable, they will run to you with credit cards in hand ready to buy anything you have to offer.

The most extreme case I have ever seen on this was The Video Boss marketing course by Andy Jenkins that was in pre-launch. His free video had so much value and built so much excitement, somebody actually put their credit card number on his blog wanting to buy the course before it officially launched.

The advantages of getting involved with a high tier business model, they generally update their training courses on a regular basis. Which means all the new marketing courses that the guru's come out with each month; you are getting access just by being a member at a significant discount?

My advice is to find a good high tier business opportunity, that has hundreds of hours on marketing strategies, online website selling tips, and webinar's to keep you up to date with the "what's working now", in the home based business industry.


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