Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For the past century and as long as American has been granting immigration status to foreigners entering the US, there has been Immigration Services to aid those in need. What I am going to focus on here is using Immigration Services to help in finding Immigration Forms and information on Citizenship and Naturalization.

If you are thinking about immigrating to the USA, then you may want to consider first taking a look at the USCIS webpage for data on everything from downloading forms, immigration schedules, timetables and help on naturalization. The site will help you with general data.

Reading all this general information is the first step to getting the right information and proceeding forward in your quest to immigrate to the USA. One of the top immigration choices for individuals coming to the USA is the K1 Visa. Not only is it the easy way to enter the USA, it is the most enjoyable. This is the Visa that allows a person to enter the USA as a fiance with the intention of marrying a US Citizen.

With the large amount of information found on the government site, the most important areas are explained below.

1) Get into the free USCIS webpage and look for the forms section. Go to the USCIS site and search for the form dowload section. Once you are there take a look around for a section called immigration forms or download forms. There you will find every kind of form and instruction available for any type of Visa. For instance, if you are searching for resources on K1 Visa. There is a form and instruction that talks about what a person needs to do to acquire such a Visa. Often times a person does not need an attorney to acquire their Visa. This internet page may be enough for a person to proceed forward. All forms found on this website are free to download.

2) The USCIS website is also a great resource for nationalization resources. If you have already entered the USA and would like to become a citizen, then you can easily find this resources on this internet page. Naturalization is the process where a foreigner is given the right to become a citizen of a particular country. Once a person has finished their naturalization process, they are considered a citizen.

3) On this website you will also be able to find timetables for different types of Visas. Usually the shortest timetables are those that enter the USA on a Fiance Visa or K1 Visa. These types of Visas take priority over all others. It not uncommon for a person to get a K1 Visa in less than six months. I have seen couples get a Visa like this in 3 weeks. But timelines like these are not your everyday thing. The average timeframe if done correctly is six months for a K1 Visa.


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