Thursday, April 12, 2012

For sure anything that is illegal is definitely not the correct thing to do and same goes for immigration as well.

In the Perspective of the US law makers,CBE - (The customs and border enforcement), USCIS - (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) it is not just a negative act but also a criminal offence yet, on the other hand the impact of illegal immigration on US economy is quite bizarre.

Americans have enjoyed foreign and cheap labor for ages that date as back as world war second. As a matter of fact some experts even conclude that the habit of cheap foreign labor is inseparable from Americans and the maximum of this cheap labor comes to America in the form of alien immigrants.

Impact of illegal immigrants on US economy

The 80 per cent of the farm workers, the major part of agriculture industry are alien immigrants. Since the labor is cheap, all the products related to dairy and agriculture is comparatively cheap as well.

The cost that is paid to farm workers is less than $20 an hour and also the work is just seasonal. The work conditions on farm are severely tough as well and thus, majority of the Native Americans are not interested in such low paid tough jobs. The agriculture industry as of today fears that implementation of E-Verify might just break their back bones since cheap foreign labor will not be available and the natives will not work for such low jobs.

The small business owners enjoy cheap labor that is provided by illegal immigrants as well. It is believed by professional residents that the cheap labor provided by these immigrants cost them well paid jobs. However, some representatives of the government make a conviction that the economy of the country receives a major boost by the extension of gross domestic products as well as from the taxes.

The GDP of US shoots upwards due to illegal immigration. Over the years, there has been a consistent boost of Gross domestic products and it has grown over 10 billion dollars owing to alien immigrants which is of great significance. Undoubtedly, the workforce has increased due to these alien immigrants and this has led to more production, output as well as income of the sates be it agriculture or construction.

In a free market economy, the prices of goods and services are also affected by alien immigrants. However, before the price is set up, various things such as affordability, consumer's purchasing power and demand supply are taken into consideration by the manufacturers. The prices are adjusted according to the level of income as well as spending power of majority of consumers and the prices and profits can be kept in check due to cheap labor cost.


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