Monday, July 9, 2012

A conference event organiser is a complete event and conference management service, and this service is either available with a professional person who works freelance or with a team of professionals who work for a company offering the services for event management.

These organisers work for the public and corporate sector, associations, clubs and all other institutes who require the organising of a conference, an event or both as a combination of a conference and event.

Events can belong to a variety of categories such as:

  • Exhibitions

  • Trade shows/fairs

  • Road Shows

  • Gala Dinners

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Christmas and New Year functions

  • Corporate Events

  • Any other event which you feel is too much of a hassle for you to handle

Obtaining the services of a conference event organiser is an asset to most public and corporate sector institutions. In the modern day, conferences have proved to be the most effective mode of communication and interaction. Thus, most organisations take the effort to have a budget for such an event, at least annually. Organising such an event is no easy task, especially with the routine work that one has to cope with on a daily basis. Considering that this event will be a platform to make your name and earn a reputation in the consumer world, it is vital that the event has to be organised to perfection. This could only be possible by hiring the services of an effective conference event organiser.

These organisers will easily bear your burden and not hassle you with the immense workload of organising your conference and/or event. Your only contribution will be in the form of negotiating and thereafter being available for communicating your requirements for the event, to share ideas and suggestions and to be available to answer any and all questions asked by this person or company. Once you have gone through this stage, you too can relax and enjoy this event to the fullest and have as much time possible on your hands to meet and interact with your invitees and delegates.

Given below are some of the services which are offered by a conference event organiser. These services will vary depending on the type of conference and event:

  • Use the branding offered by you, or create a brand and log for your conference

  • If required, create a website for delegates to obtain information, with pages for registration, choosing of workshops/seminars and for payments

  • Planning of a marketing campaign and designing invitation mailings

  • Suggestions for the agenda, invitation of relevant resource persons and the timing of the event

  • Providing and experienced team to project manage the entire event and also to regularly report and update you with the proceedings of the event

  • Assistance in locating and selecting the right venue/venues

  • Providing a registration desk and onsite support

  • Creating an associated exhibition area and liaise with exhibitors and sponsors

  • Expert audio visual support

  • Producing delegate packs, badges and collateral materials

  • Organising of receptions, gala dinners and entertainment

  • Organising hotel accommodations and transport facilities

  • Handling of all Interior D├ęcor

These are just a few of the many areas that need to be done when organising such events. Considering these activities and areas of work, the best solution, in order to produce a successful event is to hire the services of a Conference Event Organiser.


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