Monday, August 6, 2012


The Costa Blanca is Spain's hotspot for holiday makers, having some of the biggest holiday resorts available here for the British tourist. Being part of the province of Alicanté, Costa Blanca, also known as 'the White Coast', is home to some of the cleanest beaches consisting of pure white sand. The Costa Blanca is a huge hit with British and German tourists as it is home to two of the biggest tourist traps which Spain has to offer: Benidorm and Alicanté. Due to the high numbers of tourists who visit the Coast, pretty much every water sport possible is available from fishing to diving and jet skiing. Some of the beaches on the Costa Blanca have actually been awarded for their impeccably clean water and sands, meaning that if you are taking a younger child along with you for their first holiday, you can sit safe knowing that you are on some of Europe's finest and its very unlikely that they will wander off and hurt themselves on anything. Recommended for the best beach experience are Mucho Vista and San Juan, which are near Alicante and very large and wide. If you like nudist beaches then it is worth going to Cabo de las Huertas which is rocky and so there are many nooks to safely sunbathe in.


Aquopolis Water Park in Torrevieja is a famous attraction for many tourists, where you can spend the day playing on water rides, or sunbathing in green areas, before a game of mini golf and a nice meal in one of the onsite restaurants. If you want to be a little more historical then try attractions such as the Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante, which dates back to the C16 in its current state and gives good views for photo taking. Huerta Del Cura in Elche is a lovely palm forest (one of two in Europe) if you want a different day out for the family, which allows you to take in nature at its most majestic form. The Algar Fountains near Benidorm are also beautiful and have clear fresh running waters which take the form of waterfalls and are lovely to look at, as is the journey there which winds through some of the most picturesque regions of the Costa Blanca.


If you are after a bit of retail therapy from your holiday then the Costa Blanca is the place for you. One of the huge advantages of having two of the biggest tourist cities in Spain in the same region is that everything you could need is available, from tourist shops to ones selling local goods.


The Costa Blanca is all about the nightlife and entertainment, again with Benidorm being one of the biggest and most famous destinations to visit in mainland Spain. Every resort is set on giving you a good time, not only during the day, but also at night. Literally all of the beach resorts supply some form of entertainment, but there are also bars, karaoke and discos all up and down the roads, so you will find plenty to do in the evenings.


Being built around tourism, the Costa Blanca offers a massive selection of food to cater for everybody's needs, but it is worth wandering side streets or taking a trip to smaller villages for some authentic Spanish tapas or some lovely fish dishes, rather than settling for international options every night.


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