Sunday, December 23, 2012

If you're planning a live event and you've selected your venue, there are things you can do to make your event run smoothly without stressing on the day.

Selecting a venue is only the first step to preparing the venue for your event. You must also do some planning, and a little networking can make your life a lot easier as your event approaches. Here are five must-know tips to make the venue work for you:

1. Visit the venue before the event.

If possible, visit the venue a couple of times prior to your event. Check out the venue each time. Is there enough lighting at all points during the day? Does the room get too dim or too bright at any point? Does the venue have all of the supplies you'll need for the event? Are there any noises or problematic interruptions throughout the day? Once you've booked a venue, it's time to start planning all of the little details you'll need to manage during your event.

2. Do a "dummy run" on the setup.

Ask the conference manager if it's possible to do a 'dummy run' on the setup before the actual event. Decide how you want to lay out your room, and practice laying out the room that way to ensure it will work. When you do a 'dummy run,' you can spot potential problems with the layout, as well as show the staff directly how you want the room laid out. This can help avoid any problems with miscommunications that result in the room being set up incorrectly.

3. Get to know the staff.

Get to know the staff at the venue. The people setting up the room for you are vital to the success of your event; especially if they're setting up things like coffee or snacks. Ask the staff names, and give them your name to build a bit of warmth and friendliness. If you get to know the staff prior to running your event, and offer them a bit of warmth, they're more likely to help you if something comes up with the event.

4. Set up your event the night before.

When possible, set up your event the night before. This frees you up from running around like a crazy person on the day of the event trying to set things up. You'll already have a thousand details to attend, but knowing that the room is set and the materials you need are available is invaluable.

5. Arrive early to ensure you have all of your materials.

Arrive early on the day of the event to ensure you have all of your materials. Do you have all of your handouts and supplies you'll need for the event? If you don't arrive early, you may discover too late that you're missing vital supplies, and have to take time out from your event or scramble to find a helper to locate the supplies for you.

Free Yourself Up to Focus on the Event

By utilizing these tips to make the venue work for you, you can free yourself up from common venue-related concerns and worries and focus on the event itself. Simple things like getting to know the staff and doing a dummy run on the setup can save you a ton of stress and hassle on the day of the event.


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