Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Marketing has been agreed to be one of the most important departments in every kind of company. If you do not have a marketing department, I am sure that your company will not be able to survive because it does not have any consumer. Do you know about Service Marketing, however? I am sure that some of you do not know about this because what people think about marketing is that it is a process which you sell something to the people. That definition is correct, but I have to say that marketing is bigger than that. There are several more branches of marketing that people do not know. In this piece of writing, I would like you to allow me to present two kinds of branch of marketing that you should know, the service marketing and the accounting marketing. Let us begin with the service marketing.

The service marketing is a kind of marketing in which you can build the positive brand image of your company and the business of your company. One of the best examples of why you need to have this is when you are working for a bank. We all know that the bank has been seen as a bad company, and the use of service marketing will be able to help the bank to get its new image which makes a lot of people will come to trust the bank once more.

Next, what about accounting marketing? Accounting marketing is about how you can keep your business running by making sure some of the most important things. For example, this kind of type of marketing will communicate why people with the best talent and skill need to choose your company to work. So, I am sure that you have learned some type of marketing, right?


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