Thursday, March 14, 2013

Giving participants a useful and impressive branded item on meetings, expos and international conferences is the best way to create a good and lasting business impression. It is essential then to carefully choose the promotional item that will best represent the goal and the image of your company.

When you deal with the corporate sector, a conference compendium can make for an excellent promotional item. This item usually made of leather, has a notepad, a pen, and a dual-powered calculator comes in different designs. It also has compartments for business cards and other significant papers, making it very useful to recipients.

Here are three essential tips to help you pick which branded compendium is best for you.

Think about the recipient. Before deciding on the materials of any items you plan to give, consider the user. Are they sales people who normally travel often? Or they are managers who stay more at the office? The kind of material must reflect their needs. Perhaps leather compendium will suit senior level manager and nylon with microfiber is suitable for sales executive.

Know your business commitment and design your promotional items to represent you goal. Those supporting the preservation of the environment must look into Eco-friendly products. Go for compendiums that have been produced from 100 percent recycled materials.

Keep it handy. The size of your conference compendium should be convenient enough to carry anywhere. They should easily fit into any luggage, bag, or brief case. If users will take them anywhere, the visibility of your brand becomes wider.

What should be included in your compendiums?

Perhaps the most essential organisational tool for many is the Post-its. People always find them very useful. Most of the time, they are expected to take down notes and write messages. These small pieces of paper will rescue them.

Include laser pointer. Doing presentations is easy using this tool. Rather than pointing finger, referring to projected slides with a laser pointer creates a more professional look. Be creative in choosing its colors, shapes and designs.

Tuck in some endearing coupons. A free tour of the city, free drinks or snacks. This all will be deeply appreciated.

For keeping people awake, you might want to slide in mint or coffee candy. Gums are not advisable as you might just find them stuck under the tables.

Other quirky items like a cute torch pen, watch, stress balls, chains or key holders.

Compendiums are the perfect items to create a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders so make sure you choose the right materials, design, and size well.


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