Sunday, May 6, 2012

In order to achieve real success in Network Marketing you must have a system. This system must be designed to accomplish, at a minimum, 5 essential goals:

1.) generate leads on an automated basis freeing your time to do other things to develop your business.
2.) manage leads on an automated basis
3.) provide value to other network marketers regardless of whether they are in your primary business or even a direct competitor
4.) produce cash flow from multiple income streams NOT just your primary business
5.) present you as a professional network marketer and leader in the industry

This is a hard life we have chosen and during these dynamic and trying times if you go at your network marketing business strictly with traditional tools, you will quickly lose ground to those who have adopted the new mantra of network marketing; Earn while you learn.

Earn while you learn? You might respond, but I am a 20 year veteran in this business and know quite a lot about it. Well, if you are making $20-$30K per month net on average and are happy with it, read no more as you are set in your ways and doing well enough that you do not need to change. At least not until your biggest competitors adopt the new mantra of network marketing business and you slowly slip from the leader board like an ageing king slowly fading into the shadows of the young prince.

Leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing business and earn while you learn refers to the fact that there are multiple options for turn-key readily accessible methods to tap into generating and managing leads on the internet in an automated manner at little or no cost. Earn while you learn refers to the fact that there are ways and means to earn money from multiple streams of income from leads without them ever joining your business. Earn while you learn is the new mantra of network marketing business.

While the success of your network marketing business depends on you, you have to take action and set up an automated lead generation and management system that allows you to earn while you learn. This system should fully compliment your other lead generation methods and, therefore, work for you while you are working on other things and / or taking a well deserved break. If you have little experience with internet marketing, get a mentor. Again, there are multiple ready made systems out there that you can tailor to your business, but be careful in your choice of a system.

If you have a considerable amount of experience in internet & network marketing and do not have multiple capture pages running tailored to various distinct ad campaigns, custom auto-responders linked to each campaign, and multiple income streams in between the lead and adoption stage of your primary business, you are either too lazy to be in this business, or, as the good Mr. Dillard likes to say, you just don't get it. If it is the latter, perhaps you could also use a mentor to get you realigned in your business efforts. If this is the case, find a mentor before you are left behind!

If you choose not to earn while you learn in the near future, unfortunately, I predict that you will eventually be left behind in this industry. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your network marketing business and encourage you to look into alternative business models which may well prove to surpass what you previously dreamed of success levels by ten-fold or more.


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