Monday, May 21, 2012

There's so much at stake when choosing your conference venue in London. Delegates must be engaged; speakers must have a positive experience; your organisation must be delighted with the choice; and there's your reputation as a conference organiser to think about too.

A well researched choice of venue will tick the right boxes for everyone; it sets the scene for a memorable conference and goes a long way to ensuring that your communication message is delivered in the perfect environment.

What distinguishes top conference venues in London?

The top London conference venues combine many of the following characteristics. The best offer them all, and more besides:

  • A great location - it sets the best venues apart

  • Years of experience with conferences similar to yours

  • A great choice of different conference room options

  • A helpful, experienced event management team

  • Supporting facilities on site - not all London conference venues have them

  • Flexible catering

  • Special deals with London hotels

  • UK-wide event management capability

  • Excellent reputation as a conference venue

As you start your search for the perfect London conference venue, use these points as a guideline for your research. Knowing that your chosen venue offers these is the key to the vital peace of mind that accompanies every successful conference.

Location, location, location - it matters for conferences too

London venues range from those in the heart of the Square Mile to those on the outer peripheries of Greater London. For many conference organisers, the most desirable locations are those that combine the best of both worlds: excellent communications by road and rail from being just outside the central area, whilst being close enough to London's heart for vital after-hours relaxation.

Typically, locations such as Hammersmith or White City offer the perfect solution - outside the central London congestion zone, on the right side of the city for Heathrow Airport and close to the M40, M4 and M25 motorways.

How to start your shortlisting process

Faced with the challenge of shortlisting a venue, most people will start with a web search. Try 'conference venues in London' or 'find a conference centre in London' for pages of suggestions.


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