Friday, September 14, 2012

Having earned MBA degree doesn't mean that you have finished you education. To be a successful professional and executive you need to advance your executive education attending a wide variety of events and programs specifically designed to enrich your professional and personal goals, as well as increase leadership skills and knowledge.

Such conferences offer a unique opportunity to gather with other MBA students and graduates to hold discussions about education, professional development and career advancement, and stay current on global business changes and develop new and competitive strategies to maximize business activity.

European Foundation for Management Development is an international organization which provides unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management field. Organizing seminars and conferences, in particular concerning MBA issues, EFMD offers professionals and institutions interested in management learning and organizational development to join to a dynamic and diverse network, the main goal of which is to develop effective and socially responsible leaders and managers.

The Executive MBA Council conferences held throughout the Europe attract a lot of professionals and leaders which proves their value in meeting the organizational yearning for leadership development.

One of the most attended conferences is the annual German MBA Conference. This year's conference is being held at Columbia Graduate School of Business and NYU Stern School of Business. It is the only event of the German-speaking MBA students and of students who have interest in German business. Therefore, the conference provides ample time for students to grow their network and features speeches and discussions with speakers from major German and American companies.


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