Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All the searches for most efficient and dependable phone systems end at the Nortel. One of the most popular brands and widest range of solutions come from Nortel which include Nortel Norstar, business conferencing phones, meridian, T and M-series and VOIP products. Nortel solutions are available for telephony, unified messaging, IP routing, interactive voice response, unified messaging. As regards the data services, the products offer firewall, wireless and many other useful features. Business and Office Phone Systems offered by Nortel are an outcome of a vast and dedicated effort of research and high quality production which attunes with almost all variety of communication needs in the business and offices.

The market today trusts Nortel not only because of efficiency of its remarkable Phone Systems but also because of a large number of installations all across. With a large network of providers and technical backup which has been established through as many number of stations spread widely, the client has to bother least whether it is the requirement of service for maintenance or that of expansion and augmentation of capacity and features. The services on account of custom designed solutions providing automated attendant systems, T-1 integration, PRI integration, and voice/data cabling, voice mail, overhead paging, etc. are also readily available.

Nortel Norstar Office Phone Systems have a customer base of as many as 9 Million in over 70 countries, which include numerous reputed banks, offices, government departments, and so on, which speaks for itself of its quality and efficiency.

Nortel Norstar has variety from single to multi-line Phone Systems and almost all variety of modern features are available for enabling smooth and par-excellence communication for business and intra and inter office exchanges. Nortel BCM, that is Business Communications Manager, are featured with IP-enabled and pure-IP strategy options for voice and data communications. The Nortel BCM is quite a useful solution for medium to large business centers.

The next useful product in the Nortel Norstar Phone Systems series is the Nortel ICS which is the most recommended solution for small business. It has the capacity to handle 16-24 extensions and can receive as many as 4-8 incoming lines. Amongst the Phone Systems by Nortel Norstar, the ICSs are the most preferred and highly demanded solution from a large majority of clients. These are available in both compact form - which are suited for small to medium businesses with handling capacity of upto 24 extensions and 4-8 incoming lines, as well as in modular form - which is suited for medium to large scale businesses with handling capacity of as many as 48 lines using PRI.

Nortel Communication server 1000 is featured with IP PBX which does offer feature of converged type of network plus applications and as many as over 450 other useful world class features of telephony. With built in reliability and survivability for fully distributed WAN and IP LAN infrastructure.


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