Monday, December 16, 2013

In this day and age, the global economy is witnessing a dynamic change and, consequently, more and more business organisations are setting up regional branches for greater exposure. This has also resulted in the deployment of a mobile workforce at an unprecedented amount in the corporate sector. Owing to the advancements done in this aspect, the corporate world has witnessed a growing number of mobile personnel, which is set to increase to a whopping 1.19 billion by the year 2013. Due to the increase in the number of remotely located employees at such a high pace, the demand for a streamlined communication platform has also increased.

This calls for web conference solutions, which primarily work on a Software-as-a-Service model that allows three or more group members to meet and collaborate in a virtual conference room. The main purpose of these meetings is to bridge the gap between the headquarters and geographically dispersed offices of an organisation. This greatly helps business firms in Hong Kong to liaise with their associates. Owing to the potential for growth in the productivity of individuals as well as the whole organisation, business organisations of all sizes are steadily deploying these web meeting solutions within their premises.

Nowadays, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) as well as large enterprises can enjoy the same array of features with advancements in online conferencing. Large firms that are have widespread business operations rely heavily on operator attended solutions with remote desktop sharing, document transfer facility and support for mobility. This type of web based conferencing solution is moderated by Event Managers who help in achieving unparalleled functionality to such firms.

On the other hand, small scale firms mainly access web meetings via desktops and laptops and use them to reduce the costs involved with large scale communications. Of course, companies of all sizes make full use of features like file transfer, enterprise Instant Messaging (IM), desktop sharing, PowerPoint presentations, white board, annotation tools and presence indicator to fill the gap between their professionals.

As an enjoyable web meeting experience is essential for the increase in the rate of adoption of web conferences, a reliable network becomes a necessity for any organisation. High speed Internet, no additional downloads or plug-ins and network security are key attributes that make a suite useful for an organisation. It is important for the business organisations to note that the web meetings network is tuned optimally by dividing the bandwidth on different switches and routes. The codecs used to decompress files, data packets as well as the integrated audio should be updated regularly by the Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) in order to streamline communications as well.


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