Sunday, December 1, 2013

Social networking for business purposes is so popular because it is a very easy medium for business owners or managers to communicate with prospects and clients. People love to take the path of least resistance and there is no path with less resistance than social media. Social networking is one of the most enjoyable activities online and makes the job of networking very fun and easy.

1. Direct messaging may be the best way to contact anyone

Twitter is still one of the places that most people (including some celebrities) manage themselves. One of the biggest secrets is that almost anyone is contactable if they are contacted via a direct message within the system. This used to one of the most underutilized tools in on most social networks. The reason why is that people were used to using the status update tool to keep each other updated about the happenings around the social network mediums. Even now, there are a slew of marketing gurus and celebrities that still answer their own direct messages on the some of the social network platforms.

2. The social networks mimic the way people talk

Social networks also mimic the way that most people talk already. They allow for enjoyable conversations because the systems are very easy to use and fast. This speed allows people to use the networks even when they should not be using them (at works, perhaps?). However, for business purposes, this allows two parties to communicate very quickly about partnerships, joint ventures, or anything else business related.

This is all made very simple because the conversation is turn based. Each party can post a status update to a conversation but the conversation pieces do not overlap or overwrite each other. This allows the parties to talk freely and on a variety of topics without losing their place in the conversation.

3. The newer social media platforms allow the use of videos and images

The platforms also allow the use of videos and images. These images and videos can add an extra element that makes the use of the system more entertaining than its predecessor (online bulletin boards) does. The old bulletin boards were places that were just full of text. They did not feel active and felt very sterile. The newer social media platforms allowed people to use different mediums and made the systems feel like they had more life. This allows a business meeting to be far more interactive as well. Instead of sending presentation slides between the two sides, the presenting company could show a movie instead. This greatly enhanced the usability of the social networks.

Social networking for business purposes is only going to gain more popularity over time. The ease of use will allow it to grow much faster in the coming years until it becomes just as common as business card is for business. Social networking is one of the most popular methods of communication available. In fact, it may have usurped e-mail as the preferred way to contact a person. Social media has become inter-weaved with popular culture and any company or person who does not have a profile is seen as a person who is behind the times.


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