Sunday, July 28, 2013

Internet marketing in today's world is full of twists and turns at every corner. Just about the time you think you have something figured out, you find out about something new. From my own personal experience I have noticed that I really have to make sure I focus on what my Internet Marketing Objectives are for my business...or next thing I know, I'm off floating around in cyberspace with no return ticket.

So here's three things to help you stay focused... for some of you, this is so simple, and for those who are just starting out...this might save you a lot of time and read on...

#1. Have a business, product of service worth promoting...

This seems like common sense, but it can be so easy to be romanced into marketing a product or service that does not have enough profit available to cover your internet marketing costs. If you have to spend $200 in marketing just to make $50, then obviously you'll have to cut the cost of your marketing, invest a ton of time doing free marketing methods, or find something else that is worthy of your time and efforts.

#2. Driving enough high quality traffic to your offer...

If you don't get enough traffic, or bring in the wrong kind of traffic, then it really doesn't matter how good your offer or profit margin really is. So not getting a lot of traffic, and good quality targeted traffic is where most people go wrong. They get into an opportunity, and since they have not learned how to effectively market and advertise, they make no money. Then instead of learning how to market effectively, most people just move on to another opportunity and repeat the same process as before, blaming the opportunity, rather than learning and applying internet and direct marketing skills.

#3. Getting Conversion...

Let's say you have a worthy offer, good profit margin and you ARE driving a TON of targeted quality traffic to your site. This is another critical stage...because if those visitors do not convert into prospects, leads or sales, then your advertising budget can get shot to pieces in a hurry. This is where testing really needs to come into play. Testing your landing page, your headlines, your landing page text, the colors of your text, your images, the guessed it...there is no limit to what can and should be tested. People who have mastered internet marketing have mastered the art of testing.

So those are the three main things that you should try to focus on. No matter what you see and learn on the internet, to build a profitable home based internet business, it all comes down to these three things...Worthy and profitable opportunity product or service, driving a TON of quality targeted traffic, and then converting those prospects into results for your Internet Marketing business.

This article you are reading now is just one of the many methos I'm using to drive quality targeted traffic to my site that I learned through my continued internet marketing business education.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Conference venues can be found in many different locations but finding the right one for your event can be challenging and takes some work. You may need a place that is impressive and intimate but is not over the top. You want to find a location that has an appropriate amount of space as well as catering that will satisfy all of your needs.

Elegance and style provide the unique character that you want in the hotel or meeting place that you select. Service is every bit as important as well. Finding a suitable environment will set the tone that you are looking for and will help you to fulfill your goals and achieve the outcome you are hoping for.

You may be hosting a workshop, social event, training course or meeting and need to find a location that will satisfy all of your needs. Look at several conference venues and compare the pros and cons of each before making a final decision.

Space is a major consideration for where your event will be held. Find out if the hotel or facility has the space that you need. Regardless of whether you are having a meeting, exhibition, party or banquet, space is something that is often not thought about enough. Do not underestimate this aspect of the planning process. If you are hosting a meeting for 25 people, avoid hiring a location that is large enough to seat 250 guests. You do not want to spend money needlessly.

Only look at conference venues that are able to handle the type of event that you are planning. It would be in your best interests to schedule a visit with the representative or manager prior to the meeting or event to make sure that the space requirements are what you need. If the number of guests attending is unclear, it is important that you have enough breakaway rooms to avoid your guests having to deal with congestion as they mingle.

Your catering needs can affect your choice of conference venues. Keep in mind that as far as catering is concerned for your banquet or workshop, if any of your guests have special dietary requirements, they must be met. If you decide to hold your event at a hotel, most have flexible menu plans and the kitchen is nearby if a short-term modification needs to be made.

There can be various styles for meetings, exhibits, and workshops. Check to find out if the facilities you are interested in have the capability to host several different styles, such as a reception area, a boardroom and a theater for presentations. If you need flexibility, you want to find that in the place you hold your event.

If you have attendees who will be flying in for your workshop, narrow your search to places that are centrally located. You want to be close in proximity to main attractions as well as train, bus and subways stations. The easier you can make things for the invitees, the smoother the event will be for you.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Having an internet marketing business is certainly something to be proud of and it has a number of benefits to enjoy. But it is not a walk in the park to get up and running. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to build it up properly. While there are a number of things you can do to assist yourself, there are also several things to avoid.

The number one mistake people make when trying to build up their internet marketing business is waiting to begin promoting it. There is no sense in holding back because all you are doing is cutting away potential customers. What you have to realize is that your website will never be completed because as the internet evolves, so too should your site. Therefore, start promoting it immediately.

There are several important facets to your business and content is one of them. It is the content that is going to entice your visitors to continue reading on. You will find that many people believe the more content you have the better. While this statement is true, it is vital that you stick with content that is related to your site. There is no point in having unrelated content on your site just to add more to it.

Following along with the content, try not to flood your readers with the same keywords over and over on your website. The more research you do with internet marketing, the more you will begin to realize the importance of keyword optimization in terms of climbing up in the search engines. But this does not mean that every other word should be a keyword. Spread it out and learn to make it flow within the content on your site.

If you learn to use keyword optimization properly and you begin promoting your internet marketing business immediately, you will eventually begin to generate traffic volume. The next step is to make sure you follow up with each and every customer that comes to your site. Make it a goal of yours to send a personal email or talk with each customer. If you do this, you will build up a reputable image within your niche on the internet.

Last, this is normal that you don't know everything because every day there are new terms and programs popping up on the internet changing the way internet marketers do business. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a solid business, it is vital that you constantly research the market. Reading books will help you to stay do just that. The more aware you are of everything going on, the more successful you will be.

The list of things to avoid could go on forever, but these are the most important mistakes to avoid. You are bound to make mistakes when starting your internet marketing business, but it is how you respond to them that will sum up your future.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hands up if you are one of the thousands of network marketers currently "spinning your wheels" trying to edge closer to your dream?

It's a fact of life in the network marketing business that the majority of those who "dip their toes in the water" will ultimately throw their hands up in the air and eventually declare it's all too hard!

So what is the one important part of the MLM business you need to get right to give yourself a chance of progressing up the ranks? I consider prospecting the one single aspect of this industry which is vital to the growth of your business.

Okay, that's nothing new you say but there is a difference between prospecting and targeted prospecting. My first two failed attempts at building a network marketing business had me searching for reasons why. It wasn't because of a lack of endeavor. Heck, I drilled through my warm market like a machine. Apart from making a few product sales, this method simply left me "on the backfoot" with my friends and family and for a while after, had me tagged as a serial pest.

The problem is, while prospecting your warm market is fine, the fact remains; approaching people who are not looking for an opportunity will get you absolutely no where. So what's the answer? Well, you need to pre-qualify your prospects before asking them to take a look at your network marketing business opportunity.

It is a lot easier to promote your MLM opportunity to people who are actually looking. The old tactics in network marketing of making a list of every one you know might have worked fine two decades ago but today, we've leap frogged into a new era of technology; the internet has come into play as not only a medium of communication but also a means of promotion and marketing.

People are looking for home based business opportunities. Your task is to attract those people into your funnel but before you start ramming your opportunity down their throats, a process of relationship building needs to be observed. You need to build a degree of trust with your prospect in fact, it's not the products or the business opportunity which will ultimately attract them into your business but believe it or not, it will be you.

The simple truth about the network marketing business is that people don't join your business, they join you.

Alien workers have played a very important part of the U.S. economy and throughout its history. The topic of illegal immigration often irritates a lot of emotion and has recently geared a lot of attention in the press. Immigrants are having more of an impact on the economy than ever before because of their large quantities in people. To many people, immigration issues revolve around economic arguments, such as the fact that immigrants will take work away from native workers at a much lower wage. With the foremost presence of illegal immigrant workers in the U.S., economists agree that there are many burdens and blessings that come with immigration, but they have all strained different conclusions in addressing the following questions with regards to illegal immigration:

1. How do illegal immigrants benefit the U.S. economy?

2. How do illegal immigrants damage the U.S. economy?

3. Can the U.S. address and solve these problems with illegal immigration?

4. Can illegal immigrants eventually become full citizens in the U.S.?

This review of the literature on illegal immigration and its impact on the U.S. economy focuses on these four questions.

How do Illegal Immigrants Benefit the U.S. Economy?

In a perspective article, Davila (2006) insists that immigration can indeed be good for businesses. The reason why it is good for businesses because immigration supplies labor at a relatively low
cost, though the real concern is how often that immigrants are paid substandard wages (Davila, 2006). Although immigration can be good for businesses, major businesses "are, of course, concerned with hiring illegals, especially given the senate proposals, which would place more emphasis on employers verifying that employees are legal immigrants" (Davila, 2006). However, many illegal immigrants bring hard work ethic to the U.S, which businesses are often taking into consideration to their open positions. Davila believes that immigration should be perceived as a way to improve our economy and use all possible resources at our will. This improvement of our economy brings the hard work ethic of illegal immigrants that should be highly rewarded (Davila, 2006). In retrospect, the conclusion of Davila is that it is important to continue to encourage those who want to come to the U.S. to do so legally and continue to contribute to our economy.

Although it may to true that many illegal immigrants are motivated to bring its hard work ethic to the U.S., it is however, uncertain that their authentic motivation is to tap into freely available resources. Enciro Marcelli believes that it is generally recognized that most illegal immigrants are more motivated to enter the U.S. to "build a better life for themselves and their families by securing a higher paying job" (Marcelli, 2005). There exist many common claims by the U.S. legislation on illegal immigration. Those includes: immigrations migrate to the U.S. to use its welfare program and public services and unauthorized immigrants take jobs away and depress the wages of, lower-skilled, minority workers.

In a study undertaken in the late 1980's by a team of University of Texas researchers using 1980 U.S. Census data, they reported that although "legal immigrants had a small negative effect on the wages of U.S.-born white workers in the U.S. Southwest, undocumented Mexican immigrants actually had a small positive effect" (Marcelli, 2005). During the same time of the research done by the University of Texas scholars, another group of researchers from the University of Toledo in the early 1990s used the same data. However, they investigated the impact of undocumented immigrants on the unemployment of U.S.-born minority workers rather than the impact of undocumented immigrants on the employment of U.S.-born minority workers. They found an incredible inverse relationship. This is because illegal immigrants as they concluded enjoy clustering in states where unemployment rates were lower. The researchers interpreted this finding as "suggestive of labor market complimentarily rather than substitution" (Marcelli, 2005). In rebuke, the conclusion of Marcelli suggests that illegal immigrants fill undesirable jobs only after more collectively groups of workers drift into higher paying occupations (Marcelli, 2005). This means there is no loss in jobs as immigrants do not take jobs away from currently employed citizens.

In contrary to Marcelli with the issue related to the extent to which illegal workers utilize more public services than their tax contributions, Moretti and Perloff (2000) "found that the participation in welfare programs by illegal immigrant worker families was 8% in contrast to 27%, 30%, and 42% for citizen, amnesty, and green card worker families, respectively" (Moretti & Perloff, 2000). Although this research is sustainable to the validity of welfare programs, it did not take into consideration the tax contributions with service usage. Their analysis was not based on tax contributions because "since most pertinent tax payments are via payroll deductions or sales tax collections, the general belief is that tax contributions vary little by legal status" (Moretti & Perloff, 2000). There analysis therefore, included all public services as well as public education. With the conclusion of this analysis, it shows that illegal immigrants are actually contributing to public services as well as social security because not only are they employees but they are also consumers who gives back to the community as well.

How do illegal immigrants detriment the U.S. economy?

While there are some that supports immigration, there are also many firm believers that immigration poses problems to the U.S. economy. Zedillo believes that illegal immigration poses problems for the U.S. every year "the size of the population living illegally in this country grows by as much as half a million people" (Zedillo, 2007). He argues that company employers who hire these illegal workers are also violating immigration laws because employers who hire illegal workers also violate immigration laws when misled by false documents (Zedillo, 2007). The reason why illegal workers are often employed is because it makes it easier for the employer and employee to escape paying taxes. Without paying taxes, Zedillo argues, illegal immigrants can become "a drain on social services and a public charge upon those states receiving the bulk of the inflow" (Zedillo, 2007). With the free ride of not having to pay taxes, illegal immigrants are more prone to abuse and exploitation without the aid of the government programs. Zedillo concludes that while working in these harsh conditions, many illegal immigrants find it hard to economically and culturally live in the U.S. due to having the risk of become an underclass and face a social conflict with U.S. citizens (Zedillo, 2007). By having social conflicts with others, illegal immigrants will hurt government services by not actively participates in contributing taxes however they will benefit the overall economy in which "immigration is essential to the dynamism of the American economy and for sustaining its pace in job creation" (Zedillo, 2007).

Lewis, on the other hand, believes that not everyone benefits from immigration; there are both winners and losers (Lewis, 2007). Immigration's benefits derive from reducing wages in the less-skilled jobs that immigrants take. Lewis concludes that average Americans will not be harmed by this; relatively few Americans work in low skilled jobs may be affected by this in which immigration may reduce the earnings of some low-skilled Americans (Lewis, 2007).
Can the U.S. address and solve these problems with illegal immigration?

To address the problems of illegal immigrants entering the U.S., there are two realistic options: do nothing, or establish a legal mechanism for migration. The U.S. government orders strict border patrol and various immigration enforcement actions every year. However economists believe that no matter what the total amount spent on immigration, without inclusive reforms, these problems will only grow worse. As Emerson reported in his article, "closing the border, and no significant guest worker program could result in increased wage rates under the assumption of immobile capital and no changes in production" (Emerson, 2007). However, there is considerable doubt raised in the effectiveness of efforts to reduce the flow of illegal workers across the border (Hanson, Robertson, & Spilimbergo, 2002). When illegal immigrants are willing to do anything and everything to get an opportunity to enter the U.S., it is questionable that the use of fencing and other approaches will achieve an end to this because the economic pressures of illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. from neighboring countries are just too great.

On the other hand, doing nothing is always an option, but the approach goes against U.S. policy of having laws. Organizing legal mechanisms for migration solves this process by removing workers with unknown identification and employers from a mere guessing game about the status of their employees. In any case, research has shown that workers switching from an illegal status to a legal status will command a higher wage, but this cannot be argued because employers are already risking a lot of money in taking the risk of hiring employees with an illegal work status. Illegal immigration is persistent because it has a strong economic rationale. This is because low-skilled workers are increasingly scarce in the U.S. while they are still very abundant in Mexico and Central America. Impeding illegal immigration without creating other opportunities for legal entry would conflict with market forces that push labor from low-wage countries to the high-wage U.S. labor market.

Can illegal immigrants eventually become full citizens in the U.S.?

With the trouble and cost of money trying to secure the border between Mexico and the United States, the case for amnesty has emerged onto the minds of many as an alternative way to solve the problem of immigrants securing their place inside the U.S. But what are some alternatives to letting illegal immigrants stay? Deporting millions? Creating punishments? In an article reported by Thornburgh, he believes that whether fining illegal aliens or putting them into schools, at the end of the day, illegal immigrants would be allowed to stay and become full citizens under the Senate compromise bill of Amnesty obstructed by Senator John McCain (Thornburgh). McCain proposes that this bill will be an amnesty but by "impose fines, fees and other requirements as punishment" (Thornburgh). This bill will be good for America because the estimated twelve million illegal immigrants prove to be non-deportable. In the history of the previous amnesty of 1986, offered a path to citizenship for three million illegal immigrants.

This amnesty ignited the larger wave of illegal immigration that followed soon afterwards. The '86 amnesty showed soon-to-be immigrants from around the world that the U.S. was weak-willed and would eventually give citizenship to illegal immigrants. Soon after, Mexicans and other illegal immigrants hurricanes through the U.S. borders with no limitations. Studies show that this peak in migration depended less on changes in its policy and more on economic conditions between the U.S. and Mexico. Thornburgh suggests that to solve down illegal immigration, "you could induce a recession in the U.S." (Thornburgh). He also proposes that a better idea is to help Mexico to create more jobs that pay a better rate (Thornburgh).

A recent Council on Foreign Relations study found that when Mexican wages drop ten percent in comparison to U.S. wages, there is a six percent increase in the attempts of illegal immigrants to cross the border illegally (Thornburgh). This is an astonishing result in which shows how complex or corrupt the Mexican economy may be. While Mexico stabilizes itself, there is both political and technological influences to make enforcement a serious part of a new amnesty plan. By enforcing National ID cards, employer verification, high-tech border controls, these all could aid in making sure that this would be the last amnesty of its generation.

Friday, July 19, 2013

You have been placed in charge of setting up your company's annual conference next year and you have no idea where to host this event. Whilst it is a rather large undertaking; when you break it down into steps, it won't be that difficult.

Choice of conference facilities

Search for venue options. Check with the Visitor's bureau, City Hall or Township offices. They can provide you with listings of venues in their area and may even offer specials. Especially if you are expecting out-of-town attendees, they often include package deals with accommodation, catering and entertainment.

The internet is always a great source of information; any venue worthwhile is going to have a website. The more details a website offers, the easier it makes your job of course. Some may even offer a virtual tour of the rooms and you will be able to see the configuration and size of the rooms on offer. Some may even ask you a few questions about what your requirements are with an online form and then have an event planner contact you.

Every venue should offer you examples of what they have available and what facilities you can expect. You may be looking for a particular type of venue that has classroom style seating and you need it with projection screens and a sound system. Ask what they can offer to set up in the way of facilities for the attendees?


Once you have a list of venues narrowed down, you need to determine if the attendees will have somewhere they can use phones, have access to restrooms or simply somewhere to just stretch their legs, get some fresh air and re-group. Will your delegates need beverages, meals and snacks? Do they have in-house catering or do they employ the services of an outside caterer?

Do they offer a continental and/or a full breakfast menu and if so do they have self-serve banquet style, or do the attendees order from a menu? For lunch and dinner is it smorgasboard style or a-la-carte? Can they accommodate people with special diets or allergies?


Many venues will offer a transportation service as well. If you have a large number of attendees who are staying in various hotels around town, this is a great bonus. They will provide coaches to each of the main hotels to collect the attendees so they won't have to worry about walking or hailing a cab. The shuttle may also be offered after hours if your attendees want to go off their own way for evening dining or sightseeing during off breaks from the conference.


You will want to choose a venue which has a reputation for quality and experience and do ensure their reputation is solid. An experienced staff will know what can go wrong and will have an alternative to offer should anything untoward happen.

Ask to have a look at their testimonials and check for feed-back from one of their recent conference attendees. It may pay to check with the person who was in charge of that conference and get their comments on the quality of the venue.

Even if the venue is brand new, they should have experienced event coordinators and venue management personnel on hand to smooth the way and help to ensure that your conference runs successfully.

Monday, July 15, 2013

A REAL Plan For Massive Profits In Network Marketing By Creating A Favorable Economic State

Dear Friend,

If you are sick and tired of cold calling leads, not making money, and recruiting no one then this is one of the most important personal messages you'll ever receive.

I'd Like To Share Powerful information for creating real wealth in network marketing business without all of the hassles and expenses of doing things the old way. I've been through it all I've bought leads, I've done the whole warm marketing thing, and the thing is I've seen it work, but it didn't work for me and it just seemed like a lot of grunt work for so little.

In the back of my mind I always knew there had to be a better way and I'm here to tell you that there is. There was a missing link that I was unaware of. I didn't know about it because it wasn't something that my sponsors ever told me about and to be honest I don't even think they knew it.

Once I got hold of the following Idea My Business completely changed. Before I explain that idea, let me give you a little background information. Ever since I started my network marking business I always heard the term "leverage" used when referring to the opportunity a network marking business offered. I was told that what made network marketing so powerful was the ability to generate a virtually unlimited income by growing an organization below me that I would get paid for creating.

I agreed it was a great idea and to be honest it's what got me into the industry. That's the leverage that they talk about, i.e. getting paid for growing an organization that would go out and do the lions share of the work while I would get paid for it all. It sounded like a plan But when I got to work in creating this organization the application didn't quit match the idea.

The problem was I found it exceedingly hard to find the right people to join my business who would go out and duplicate my efforts. The Cold Hard Truth . . . One problem was it was hard to find the right type of people willing to take on a new business venture and the other problem was when I did find those few who were willing, they rarely, if ever, created that so called duplication.

Instead of finding powerful business builders to work with I ended running what was essentially an adult day care business in my network marking business. People who joined didn't know what to do and when I told them what to do they rarely did it or they did it wrong and to add salt to that injury they blamed me when the advice I gave them that they didn't follow correctly didn't work. It was my fault!

Ughh! All my time energy and effort spent to grow a viable business drained all my energy and I ended up earning way less than my time was truly worth. You may be able to identify with this. Here's what I learned about what my sponsor was teaching me. He taught me a duplicable system, but the truth, I came to see, was that just because something was duplicable didn't mean that it was effective. Let me explain, the things I was taught to do were in fact easy to do, but they were also, in fact, NOT effective. I was duplicating their results, but the missing link that I didn't see until after I had spent a considerable amount of money and time doing what THEY said was this. . .

What THEY said was a waste of my time I didn't know this until I tallied my results and cross referenced them with other marketers out there. They all were experiencing the same result I was. Here's what I realized . . . They claim duplication and leverage in a network marking business, but knew very little about the basis of what these things even means. Duplication should not be based on how easy something is to do, but rather how effective it is. Leverage does not just apply to the compensation plan that they keep telling you is SO awesome, it actually applies to much more. Here's the missing link explained.

The missing link is leverage, but not the type of leverage they talk about, rather the REAL kind that gets results. Leverage is what you create to help you grow your network marking business. In other words it's the things you control that you have the ability to create leverage around. You don't control your business's compensation plan. You do control your leads, where they come from, how you interact with them, and how you use them to create a favorable economic situation in your business.

Here's what I mean. I failed in my first attempt, just as most network marketers do, because I tried to use an ineffective system for success without all the information. I didn't know that my business revolved around what I controlled, so what I did was . . . I gave my control up and paid handsomely to do it. Instead of generating leads on my own I paid lead companies a large sum of money to GIVE them to me. This was bad because I gave up the most important part of my business and got little in return except a list of names and phone numbers that I had no idea where they REALLY came from and that I could do little with.

I came to realize in my business I had two things I needed to control and overcome to REALLY succeed

They were leads and money. And I was giving my money away for leads that I had no control over and, with that, I left myself very little chance to actually succeed. I realized if I could create a situation where I could control my lead flow and have it actually produce a profit for me in my network marking business I would create a situation of favorable economics. In other words . . . A situation where my lead flow and advertising capital would be infinite.

By doing this the only thing that could ever stop me from succeeding would be me.

There would be no one else to blame. If I couldn't do it with all the leads I needed and all the money I needed then, well, that's on me right? Good thing it more than worked and proven to be an immutable formula for REAL success!

If you can just understand what I've just written to you here then you'll understand how to really dominate your business and create the level of income you desire in network marking business.

Now that I've gotten things under wraps in my business I've made it my personal goal to help a select few do the same.

Each month I hand select 5 to 10 people to teach my system for success to and I will accept you into this group this month if two things happen:

1. I still have room
2. I think you are a good fit for me

Let me explain why. My time is my most valuable asset, not my money. I only have so much time, but I've found that money can be generated and regenerated virtually on demand following my model.

Because of this . . . I am highly selective in who I personally choose to work with. If you've read this report to this point, then you do have the right amount of focus to make the amount of money that you deserve, but I still need to know if you are going to be a good fit for me personally.

If you're not, no love lost. If you are then we can and will have a very prosperous future together.

You can find the basics of the system I'm using for success here:

The details and my exact formula for creating real favorable economics for network marking business success we'll discuss in person if you like. For me to see if we are a good fit for each other, just let me know a little bit about you. I'll look over your information and either have my staff get back to you, or follow up with you personally.

Here is a list of questions that are very important for me to learn a little more about you.

1. What has been your biggest frustration in earning the amount of income you know you deserve?

2. What have you tried in marketing your business that did work and that didn't work?

3. What has held you back from success?

4. If I could help you, what would be most beneficial to you at this point in your business?

Really that's all I need! From this information I'll be able to distinguish if we're a good fit. Oh yeah, just register below at our site and learn more about what we talked about.

Click On The Web Site Resources Below to Learn More!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It is the dream that many people have - to be their own boss. I bet that is your dream too. I am guessing you are getting tired of your day job, tired of your boss, tired of your commute and want to find a better way to provide for your family. Well you are on the right track. There are legitimate work at home internet marketing business opportunities. And no it does not involve spamming your friends email inboxes are getting them to sign up for offers and then having people they know sign up for offers.

If you are new to business online or internet marketing specifically, then you know how hard it is to break into it and start to turn a profit. But if you have a plan, then you can sidestep a lot of mistakes new marketers make. And that brings me to the point of this article.

It reminds me of something a coach once told me - "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Such is true in internet marketing. When people start to research work at home internet marketing business systems they tend to jump on the bandwagon of what is hot like Ad Words and find that they end up losing a lot of money and walk away from Internet marketing all together.

This is where planning comes into play. You need to have a solid game plan to approach internet marketing; otherwise you will find yourself jumping from opportunity to opportunity and never make any money.

The best advice I can give you is to:

1) Stop reading work at home internet marketing business forum posts and getting analysis paralysis.

2) START creating a definite plan

3) START treating online business as a business and not a hobby

4) STOP buying work at home internet marketing business ebooks

5) START doing something and use what you have learned. Create a landing page or niche website.

Internet marketing is a tough business. Many give up before realizing any sort of success. No one ever said it was going to be easy, but if you are serious about it and want a better life for yourself and your family, while still being able to spend quality time with them, then you had better start to plan, not to fail, but to succeed. And start planning NOW, before it is too late!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Many people trying to escape the 9-5 job routines, corporate politics and competitive marketplace. The dream is to be your own boss, have your own work schedule and spend more quality time with your family.

I have realized long time ago that I have spent more time with my co-workers then my beautiful wife and adorable daughter. I disliked that feeling so much and therefore was forced to look for better money-making options.

And because I was looking, somehow all circumstances came along and here I am today writing this article on network marketing business or MLM if you will.

I came long way from shy individual to an accomplished business owner.

But why so many people fail in Network Marketing?

Is it only illegal pyramid schemes in where people on the top make the most money? Nope. There are around 200 good companies to choose from. Just make sure they are members of DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Is it that many Network Marketers lack the tools needed to grow their business?And the main reason why many people fail in network marketing venture is that they do not have the list of contacts necessary to make it big!

As you start with your networking business, your upline will tell you to make list of all your friends and relatives, do 3 way calls, practice 3 foot rule etc...

As soon as you mention your networking business to them, they think you are crazy to do one of those things and you will never see them again. Maybe they even cross the street when they see you.

You see this is standard in all multi level marketing companies. People are fed up with this 95% rejection system. What you going to experience with this system is anger, disappointment, discouragement and many more self-destructing behavior.

Until one day you say to yourself: "That's enough! I can't take the pain any more!" And you quit. And lose around $400-1500 bucks in a process. Hopefully not more than that.

So what is the solution to this? Is it something you can do to prevent this horrible failure?

And thankfully there are options. And no, you do not buy opt-in leads from no one. That will just suck your money out of your bank account.

Now you can do what "the big mlm guns" do and they do not want you to tell you. Develop your own leads! Bingo! Is that all? But why so simple?

Well, it's called working smarter rather than harder! Isn't it the first reason you have started network marketing business? I did.

The trick is that when you develop your own network marketing leads you will eliminate rejection completely. People contact you and not the other way around. And they will even pay for it - if you use the correct system.

And believe me, when your friends see the new BMW parked in your garage, they will hunt you down and beg you to join your network marketing business.

You see how you can turn things around? The simple way.

And the secret formula is: brand and promote yourself, develop your own leads and let them recruit you, but do business only with the ones that are very interested. Then just go and deposit the weekly checks to your bank account.

Simpler than any other business venture I know of. And residual income can be the best thing you may wish for. If your dream is to work only 4 hours a week or less.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Are you aware the importance of promoting your network marketing business? No one even knows that you or your business exists without promotions and marketing . Are you familiar with how to do it for a cheap price? Here how.

Many ways exist out there to market your network marketing business on the internet, but there methods that are more expensive that others to get started with. However, there are just as many free or low-cost methods to choose from as well. They can equally be just as valuable as high-cost marketing.

What you have to understand is that your marketing needs to branch out and go beyond the internet. One of the easiest ways to promote your business is through good old fashioned business cards. I am sure you go out of your house at some point in time. Whenever you see someone or talk with someone, give them your business card and hint that they do not want to pass up on this opportunity.

Another method is to send out press releases to newspapers, radio stations and television stations. The one downside to this method is that it is not guaranteed that all or even one of your press releases is going to go through. But if you are fortunate enough to have a couple accepted, there will be hundreds of thousands of people that see your press release.

The last thing anybody wants to do is telemarketing, but it has its perks. This particular method does not require more than a couple of hours per day to complete, but it is vital that you select these hours wisely. Try to call when most people are home, such as six or seven right after dinner. You would be surprised at how many people you can get to take a look at your business online.

While all of these methods thus far have been ways to promote offline, there are certainly a number of ways to promote your network marketing business online as well. One of the easiest and hottest ways currently to market online for free is article writing. Article writing allows you to deliver fresh and enticing content on your business or a particular topic. From there, you can direct people to your business through the resource box where you can place your website address in.

As soon as you begin to get a few customers here and there, a testimonial page is very much recommended. You want to show visitors that you have had prior customers to them and you left these customers satisfied. You can tell visitors all you want about how good your site is and how much of a stand up guy you are. But it is the people that have the biggest impact.

Promoting your network marketing business is essential. It does not necessarily matter how you do it just as long as you are taking the time to do so. And always remember that multiple marketing methods will bring in more visitors.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A business college professor drilled into us that we should always "narrow our focus and stick to it". In general, it made sense like many of the guidelines in business you hear about but recently it has really made hit home with me. Talking with my business friends over the course of the year which has various careers in health insurance, financial planning, mortgage lending, business consulting and a host of other professions, I realize that all of us are approached or have been presented the opportunity to participate in projects or service requests which fall outside of our normal specialty. When business is less than full capacity, the first inclination is to take any business you can get your hands on; why not, if you have spare time to do it then why shouldn't you go after other similar types of business.

The issue is when doing something outside of your core service; there is usually some type of learning curve, time which has to be invested and follow through. You can't simply hang a new product on your shingle; you have to know and learn about it at some level to sell it with any competence. If you get enough of this same type of business, which initially did not fall in your main line-up of products, then you can perhaps consider making it one of your regular service offerings and you have automatically broadened your product business scope. Instead of just selling widgets A, B, and C, now you have A, B, C, D, and E to sell. If all of them are aimed at the same market group and they naturally blend in together you have a good mix. Still consider that you will have to market 5 products instead of just 3 which automatically increase your marketing expense. A printer friend of mine is a successful example of this; he started with standard paper printing products and now offers specialty imprinted items, banners and even car wraps and it all has been a good profitable blend.

But the problem is that more often, we get requests which come from different directions with no two being very similar. In the effort to get more business and satisfy more customers, you gradually become the "jack of all trades and the master of none". Viewed from the outside, the perception will be that you cannot survive focused on one main thing so you have to do many and your integrity and reputation suffers. One gentleman I've known for years offered financing for various projects, then he added merchant card services and a few months later he include home mortgage financing. Just recently in speaking with him, he justified his strategy by saying that if he offered enough services then he wouldn't have to say no to anyone. After that he added immigration services in helping immigrants get properly documented. He was like the fisherman with twenty poles in the water; problem was that each pole was in a different lake!

Here are 3 guidelines to avoid falling into the "I can do it all" category:

1) Identify your core services and products. What do you really want to do and what do you excel in? Identify your experiences and strengths and market only what you do best. If you are good at analyzing financial documents and think logically then don't try selling prepaid legal services or including them in what you do. Solidifying an 'elevator pitch' will help you narrow your focus because if you can't state your core business in a couple sentences then you either don't know what you are focused on or you're focused on too many things. Become the specialist and avoid becoming the generalist.

2) Learn to say "no". If you spend enough time networking, you are going to be approached to add some service or market some product or perhaps add a new feature to your core business. Be firm in letting people know you are only focusing on your core expertise. Even attending an information seminar on something which doesn't your business model is a waste of time. Discipline yourself to stay on track.

3) If you feel inclined to add a new service then always test market your new offering and only add one new service at a time. By only adding one element, you keep your test phase manageable and more importantly, you do not appear to be flaky and jumping around from service to service to your clients. Your goal is to always add another service which will help your clientele and improve what you already do for them. The test phase will also help you evaluate if there is a real sustainable market for your new product or only a unique few clients which fall into this category. In the interest of efficiency and effectiveness, you don't want to purse a tiny market with little growth potential.

Particularly when the economy slows down, people scramble to make ends meet and tend to accumulate more "add-ons" to their standard product line. It's a natural tendency, which on the surface seems fine, but it will distract and take away time and effort from your core strengths. During slower periods, it makes better sense to improve and re-focus on your main business. What can you do to improve your main services and what new markets can you penetrate. Can you partner with an adjunct business to pool together a marketing strategy - these are all questions you should be asking yourself to keep your core business intact and on target.

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